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Getting Started with eBond

  • Getting Started with CBP Automated Systems: This link directs you to information outlining how to get started with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) for filing data electronically and how to get started with the ACE Secure Data Portal for running reports and managing accounts.
  • Trade-Authored Document on Broker and Surety Communications to support ACE eBond Functionality: This link takes you to a non-federal government website which may not necessarily operate under the same laws, regulations and policies as federal websites.  This is not a CBP-prepared document and it does not necessarily reflect CBP policy or guidance. This document was prepared by trade community representatives who have worked with CBP on the development of ACE eBond functionality to provide information on Broker to Surety communications.
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Regulations
Last Modified: Nov 07, 2017