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Richford Station

P.O. Box 67
1668 St. Albans Road
Richford, VT 05476
Phone: (802) 848-3434
Fax: (802) 848-3041

History and Area of Responsibility
June 9, 1926, the Richford Border Patrol Station was established with a complement of five officers. At that time, the area of responsibility was 184 square miles with 12 miles of international boundary. The border area extended from West Franklin to East Franklin, Vermont, and there were nine roads entering from Canada into this area.

The first Border Patrol Office in Richford was located in a farmhouse just south of the Canadian Pacific Railroad Depot and was about one mile from the border. In 1936, the office was moved to the Richford port of entry and remained there until 1958, when it was moved to its present location in the Post Office building in Richford.

In October 1983, the Richford Station was reduced to a sub-station of the Swanton Station. Supervision was supplied by the Supervisory Border Patrol Agents assigned to Swanton. In February 1987, the decision to re-establish Richford as a full station was made due to increased smuggling activity and IIRCA responsibilities. The station was re-designated a sub-station under the Swanton Station in 1997 and remained a sub-station until 2002, when staffing was increased and Richford once again became an independent station.


Last Modified: Oct 13, 2016