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Burke Station

4525 State Route 11
Malone, NY 12953
Phone: (518) 483-5941
Fax: (518) 483-3592


The Burke Station is located in the Town of Burke in Franklin County, New York. The station is approximately 50 miles south of Montreal, Quebec and 90 miles northwest of Burlington, Vermont. Franklin County has a total population of approximately 51,000. The county seat is in Malone, New York which is approximately 7 miles west of the station.

The Burke Station, formerly Malone, was opened in 1957. It was established to take the place of the Fort Covington and Chateaugay, New York stations, which were originally opened in 1924, each manned by five to seven officers. The entire territory covered by these two stations was assigned to the Malone station. In January 1960, that part of Franklin County south to Routes 458, 30 and 192 was assigned to the Massena station to enable Malone to improve its line operation.

An authorized force of eight officers and one supervisor remained fairly constant between the establishment of the station in 1957 and 1966, when three officers were transferred, leaving a Patrol Inspector in Charge and five Patrol Inspectors. Smuggling traffic and illegal crossings continued to increase throughout the late 1960's and 70's and staffing levels were elevated to address the increased traffic.

Area of Responsibility

In September 1989, operations were relocated to a new leased facility on Route # 11 in the Town of Burke, approximately 7 miles east of Malone. The new location and facilities have greatly enhanced station operations and morale. The Station AOR is bounded on the west by the Massena Station; on the east by the Champlain Station; on the south by the Albany ICE Office. To the north is the International Boundary and Canadian Province of Quebec.


Last Modified: Mar 06, 2024