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Metaline Falls Station

P.O. Box 22
105 Hwy 31
Metaline, WA 99152
Phone : (509) 446-1037
Fax : (509) 446-1036

History and Area of Responsibility

The Metaline Falls Border Patrol Station opened in December 2003. Prior to opening, the area had been patrolled by the Colville Border Patrol Station. Agents at the Metaline Falls Station are responsible for 36 miles of border from the Stevens/Pend Oreille County line to Selkirk Mountains east of Priest Lake, Idaho. Patrols are conducted using a variety of assets including horses, ATV, snowmobile, foot patrols and off road motorcycle.

Included with the AOR are the Metaline Falls Port of Entry and the Salmo-Priest Wilderness Area.

Last Modified: Mar 24, 2017