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Bonners Ferry Station

112 Moon Shadow Road
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
Phone : (208) 267-2734
Fax : (208) 267-0409


In 1924 the U.S. Border Patrol opened stations in Priest River, Idaho and Libby, Montana. Later that same year these stations were closed and relocated to Eastport and Porthill, Idaho. The Spokane Sector Headquarters was moved to Bonners Ferry, Idaho from 1934-1942. Although the Headquarters element moved to Spokane, Washington, Bonners Ferry remained an active U.S. Border Patrol station and has operated as such since that time. By 1949 the Porthill Station and the Eastport Station had closed and Bonners Ferry Station assumed their areas of responsibility.

During its existence, the Eastport Station was one of the most active stations in the area, making forty to fifty apprehensions per month. Train check was a primary focus as liquor smuggling was very prevalent at the time. In addition, many German soldiers who had defected to Canada were being apprehended by agents at the Eastport Station has they tried to make illegal entry into the United States.

Area of Responsibility

A new Bonners Ferry Station was completed in 2013 and provides agents with a state of the art facility including K9 kennels, horse paddocks and an indoor horse arena. More than 90% of the Bonners Ferry Station's area of responsibility is heavily forested among the Selkirk, Purcell and Cabinet Mountains. Agents of the Bonners Ferry Station patrol from Priest River located in northwestern Idaho to the Yaak Mountains of western Montana..

Last Modified: Mar 24, 2017