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Curlew Station

Curlew Border Patrol Station
P.O. Box 444
#5 Forest Lane
Curlew, WA 99118
Phone: (509) 779-4376
Fax: (509) 779-4539

History and Area of Responsibility

The Curlew Border Patrol Station opened in December 2003 and is responsible for 39 miles of border in Ferry and Okanogan Counties. The area of responsibility is from Chesaw, Washington to U.S. Highway 395 North. The area now patrolled by the Curlew station was previously in the areas of responsibility of the Oroville and Colville stations. Due to the mountainous terrain and the distance from the Oroville and Colville stations, the area lacked sufficient patrol until the station was manned at Curlew.

The current station is housed in the old Forest Service Barracks in the small community of Curlew. There are plans to have a new facility built in the near future.

Last Modified: Mar 24, 2017