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Laredo West Station

Colombia Port of Entry
202 State Highway 255
Laredo, Texas 78045
Phone: (956) 417-2100
Fax: (956) 417-2191

Station Overview
The Laredo West Border Patrol Station was established in 2007 and is adjacent to the Del Rio Sector at the Webb, Maverick, and Dimmit county lines. This area was previously worked by signcutting groups from Laredo North Station, but today Laredo West agents are working to gain greater operational control of this area. Laredo West agents patrol more than 34 miles of the international border along the Rio Grande River and cover 684 square miles of ranch land in northwestern Webb County. They perform a full range of Border Patrol duties, including the operation of a permanent traffic checkpoint on U.S. Highway 83, north of Laredo.

Laredo West agents rely heavily on sport utility vehicles, all-terrain vehicle patrols, Remote Mobile Surveillance Systems, signcutting and linewatch operations.

The Laredo West Station is responsible for operating a permanent traffic checkpoint located on U.S. Highway 83, about one mile north of Texas Highway 44. This traffic checkpoint plays a significant role by providing defense-in-depth support to coordinated border operations.

The Laredo West Station serves the sector and Nation by deploying agents to the border to support the National Border Patrol Strategy. The presence and efforts of Laredo West's agents ensure a high probability of arrest and helps to deter smugglers of humans, drugs, and other contraband from the station's area of operations. Laredo West partners with neighboring Del Rio Sector, local law enforcement agencies, and local landowners to detect and deter all threats.

Last Modified: Dec 23, 2020