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Laredo North Station

11119 McPherson Road
Laredo, Texas 78045
Phone: (956) 764-3800
Fax: (956) 764-3870

The Laredo North Border Patrol Station was commissioned on May 1, 1988. It began with a 100 agents who were housed in a small building within the Laredo Sector Headquarters compound where the original Laredo Station was located. The original station was separated into the Laredo North and the Laredo South Border Patrol Station. This separation was necessary because of the station's growth and increase in the number of apprehensions in the southern area of operation (AOR). Today, Laredo North is the largest station in Laredo Sector. Since 1999, the Laredo North Station has occupied a 33,000 square foot facility on 10 acres located at 11119 McPherson Road in Laredo, Texas. The complex also includes the Sector's Canine Program.

Laredo North's daily duties include line watch, signcutting, the use of all-terrain vehicles and freight train checks. Laredo North agents also perform traffic checks at one of the largest Border Patrol traffic checkpoints, which is located on Interstate Highway 35. Service canines are deployed to conduct freight train checks and traffic checkpoint operations.

The Laredo North Station supports the National Border Patrol Strategy's objectives by continuing forward deployment and deterrence-based operations throughout the AOR. Through constant vigilance and a high-profile presence, the Laredo North Station protects the Nation and improves the quality of life for the community.

Area of Responsibility
The Laredo North Border Patrol Station deploys all available resources throughout its AOR of 850 square miles, which includes 14 miles along the Rio Grande River, and extends north to the Dimmit and LaSalle County lines on U.S. Route 83 North and I-35 respectively.

Border Patrol agents from Laredo Sector have been maintaining checkpoint operations on I-35 since before the inception of the Laredo North Station. Over the last 21 years, these operations have been located at mile marker 11 and, most recently, at mile marker 15. With the Laredo North Station outgrowing the former checkpoint location, and in combination with the tremendous growth of the city of Laredo, a new location was designated for construction.

The new 15-acre traffic checkpoint is located 29 miles north on I-35 and officially opened on April 15, 2006. All traffic from automobiles, semi-tractor trailers and other commercial vehicles, such as buses and travel vans, are inspected at the traffic checkpoint. The Interstate 35 checkpoint includes a 5,000 square foot administration building with a processing area, a sally port, offices and detention cells. The primary inspection area consists of five lanes: three for small vehicles, one for buses and two for tractor/trailer combinations. A sixth lane accommodates all over-sized trailer loads. The secondary inspection area has six stalls, a loading dock, a vehicle lift, bus secondary lanes and a fully equipped canine facility. The primary lanes are equipped with license plate readers and terminals capable of supporting the Traveler Enforcement and Compliance System.

In addition, the Laredo North Station utilizes a mobile Vehicle and Cargo Inspection System and Z-Portal for checkpoint operations. This equipment has increased the station's ability to detect narcotics or illegal aliens in hidden compartments. Combined enforcement efforts have resulted in numerous apprehensions and seizures.

Last Modified: Dec 23, 2020