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Dallas Station

2800 South Pipeline Road
Euless, Texas 76040
Phone: (817) 571-2146
Fax: (817) 571-1653

The Dallas Border Patrol Station was established in early 1988. It is Laredo Sector's northernmost station and is located at 2800 South Pipeline Road in Euless, Texas. The station's area of responsibility (AOR) includes 85 counties in northern and eastern Texas, and comprises approximately 77,500 square miles.

Recognizing that the United States cannot totally eliminate the potential for terrorists to enter the country illegally without also dramatically reducing illegal migration, the Dallas Station supports the Border Patrol's primary goal of maintaining operational control of our Nation's borders. To assist with this effort, the station provides defense-in-depth partnerships with other law enforcement agencies and reports on trends and traffic patterns of illegal entrants.

In support of the National Border Patrol Strategy, the Dallas Station conducts enforcement operations by checking airports, passenger and freight trains, and passenger bus hubs. Several interstate highways junction in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and could be used by terrorists and smugglers of humans and other contraband as avenues to exploit their entry into the United States. With a small compliment of agents, the Dallas Station relies on its relationships with other law enforcement agencies and the public to maintain watch over the transportation systems.

The Dallas Border Patrol Station is also active in the National Recruiting Program. The station's agents speak in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex area in Dallas, Tarrant, Collin, Parker, Wise, Bosque, Hood, Johnson, Denton, Ellis, and Gregg counties.


Last Modified: Jun 05, 2020