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Hebbronville Station

34 East Highway 359
Hebbronville, Texas 78361
Phone: (361) 886-1700
Fax: (361) 527-3409

The Hebbronville Border Patrol Station is located in Hebbronville, Texas, approximately 55 miles east of Laredo. Although no official records exist of the Hebbronville Border Patrol Station's inauguration, it is believed to have been one of the first stations that opened when the U.S. Border Patrol was established in 1924. In August 2003, the Hebbronville Station celebrated the grand opening of its newest location, which is located at 34 East Highway 359.

The Hebbronville Station is responsible for patrolling more than 2,370 square miles of rugged South Texas terrain. Agents patrol 1,143 square miles of Jim Hogg County, 907 square miles of Duval County, and 320 square miles of Webb County. Agents utilize four-wheel drive vehicles whenever possible; however, they frequently patrol on foot when the terrain is too harsh for motor vehicles.

Area of Responsibility
Hebbronville Border Patrol Agents are responsible for manning three 24-hour checkpoints. A traffic checkpoint is strategically situated on Farm-to-Market Road 1017 to deter illegal activity from the Rio Grande Valley. Recently, the Hebbronville Station was able to upgrade existing traffic checkpoints located on State Highway 16 near Hebbronville and State Highway 359 near Bruni, Texas. Alien and narcotic smugglers alike have traditionally attempted to utilize the many corridors out of the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo, which run through Hebbronville. Because of this, agents are diligent in their daily duties, which include manning the traffic checkpoints, conducting roving patrols, sign-cutting, and carrying out freight train checks.

The Kansas City Southern (KCS) freight train travels through Hebbronville on its route from Laredo to Corpus Christi, Texas. Hebbronville is the first stop for the freight train, where many undocumented immigrants are frequently apprehended. The Hebbronville agents work in conjunction with the KCS Security Special Agents daily to apprehend undocumented immigrants riding the freight train. In 2005, Hebbronville agents were responsible for rescuing a group of 15 undocumented immigrants that were trapped in an unventilated, locked-box compartment.

The Hebbronville Station is also fortunate to have one of the strongest canine programs in Laredo Sector. This robust group of canines and their handlers helps detect smuggled aliens and narcotics at the traffic checkpoints, in the field, and on the freight trains.

Electronic sensor technology has also helped agents patrol the Hebbronville area more effectively in heavy traffic areas. Global Positioning Systems (GPS) allow agents to work together, and night-vision cameras allow agents to use the darkness to their advantage. These tools have helped agents seize numerous groups who have attempted to circumvent the traffic checkpoints.

Although technology has helped agents respond to illegal activity, the community continues to play a large role in apprehending human and narcotic smugglers. The Rancher Liaison Program offers ranch owners the opportunity to meet with Supervisory Border Patrol Agents to voice their concerns about activity that occurs on their property. Hebbronville agents have an excellent rapport with local and state law enforcement agencies that work in the area. Local authorities routinely request support from agents and canine handlers to assist them in their daily duties.

Hebbronville agents are often recognized throughout the community for donating their time and resources to worthy causes such as the Student of the Month program, which recognizes exemplary students and their accomplishments. Agents also participate in fund-raising activities that help raise money for deserving organizations such as the March of Dimes and the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. In addition, agents also participate in the local community by giving Thanksgiving dinners and Christmas toys to children.

Last Modified: Oct 13, 2016