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Smart Entry Service for U.S. Citizens

The Smart Entry Service (SES) is a trusted traveler program operated by the Republic of Korea. The SES program provides expedited processing for pre-approved, low-risk travelers at three designated airports (Incheon, Gimpo, and Gimpae) in Korea via the use of e-gates. U.S. Customs and Border Protection has partnered with the Korean Immigration Service to link the SES program with the Global Entry program. This arrangement is open to both U.S. and Korean citizens.

U.S. citizens must first become a Global Entry member, and may then apply for the Korean SES program. U.S. citizens can learn more about SES at Smart Entry Service for U.S. Citizens.

What are some requirements of the SES program for U.S. citizens?

  • U.S. citizens must first be approved in the Global Entry program
  • Applicants must be at least 17 years of age
  • Applicants must hold a valid machine-readable passport
  • Membership is valid for 5 years
  • An interview at one of the Korean enrollment centers listed below is required
  • Biometric information such as fingerprints will be collected at time of interview
  • Applicants must pay a U.S. $100 application fee for the SES program

How do U.S. citizens apply for Global Entry?

  • Apply Online: Complete a Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) online application and pay the $100 non-refundable application fee.
  • Schedule an Interview: Once your application is reviewed, you will receive a message in your TTP account instructing you to schedule an interview at one of the Global Entry Enrollment Centers.
  • Interview Determines Your Eligibility: A CBP officer will ask you questions, take your photo, and scan your fingerprints.
  • Provide Identification: Bring your valid passport(s) and one other form of identification, such as a driver's license or ID card to the interview. If you are a lawful permanent resident, you must present your permanent resident card.

How do U.S. citizens apply for Smart Entry Service?

  • U.S. citizens apply for SES through their Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) accounts. The application will then be sent to the Korean Immigration Service for review.
  • U.S. citizens must then go to the SES website and pay the $100 SES fee.
  • Once "conditionally approved" in SES, U.S. citizens must visit an enrollment center in Korea within six months to complete enrollment in SES.
Last Modified: Apr 24, 2018