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Global Entry Touchless Portal Instructions

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has introduced technological enhancements to the Global Entry (GE) arrival process. The new Global Entry Touchless Portals, using biometric facial comparison technology, enhance the Global Entry experience for both travelers and CBP officers, by reducing physical touchpoints and expediting member processing. The portals will eliminate the issuance of paper receipts and leverage mobile officer technology, thereby providing a secure, streamlined, and touchless experience for Global Entry members arriving from international travel. By eliminating the paper receipt, CBP is reducing its environmental footprint and further protecting the privacy of all travelers. Trusted Traveler Programs (TTP) expects to complete the portal deployment process to all major U.S. and international airports by the end of 2023.

Below are the instructions for use of the new Global Entry Touchless Portals: 


Step 1 - Capturing your photo

The Touchless Portal is equipped with two automated self-adjusting cameras. Simply walk up to the Global Entry Portal, and the process will begin automatically. Align your face with the silhouette on the screen. Please make sure to remove your glasses, face coverings, hats, etc.

Portal screen displaying message for traveler
Portal screen capturing photograph of traveler.

Step 2 - Admissions Process

Once the photo is captured and acceptable, the portal will begin the admission process. If you receive the Processing Completed Please Proceed message. You have completed the portal process, please continue to the exit line/location.

Portal screen message to traveler reading “Processing Completed Please Proceed”

Step 3 - Additional Admission Processing

If you receive the Insert Travel Document message, then please scan your travel document.

Portal screen message to traveler reading “Insert Travel Document”


Step 4 - Completing the Process

After scanning your document, if you receive the message: Processing Completed Please Proceed, then please refer to Step 2 instructions.

If you receive the message Processing Completed See Officer For assistance, you have completed the portal process. Please proceed to the exit line and an officer will assist you further.

Portal screen message to traveler reading “Processing Completed See Officer for Assistance”


Last Modified: Oct 23, 2023