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Directives and Handbooks

CBP publishes several Directives and Handbooks, which provide guidance to the public on a variety of trade-related matters.

Additionally, CBP has a number of Informed Compliance Publications (ICPs) in the "What Every Member of the Trade Community Should Know About: ..." series. As of the date of this posting, the subjects listed are available for reading or downloading.

Recent Guidance Materials

Terminology and Methods for Marking of Country of Origin on U.S. Imports

Guidelines for Cancellation of Claims for Liquidated Damages When Petitions for Relief Are Filed Untimely

CBP Passenger Vessel Services Act Rider Letter Request Form


CBP Form 7501 Instructions

Electronic Invoice Program(EIP)/Remote Location Filing (RLF) Handbook (External) Version

3500-06 Account Management Handbook

3500-07 Broker Management Handbook


2310-006A Exclusion Orders

2310-008A Trademark and Tradename Protection

2310-010A Detention and Seizure Authority for Copyright and Trademark Violations

2310-011A Personal Use Exemption: Unauthorized Trademarks

3120-002A Financial Responsibility: Foreign Domiciled Carriers

3130-006A - Issuance of Successive Cruising Licenses: Definition of "Undocumented United States Pleasure Vessel"

3220-004 Manifesting of International Mail by Air Carriers

3230-035A Quota/Visas: Textile and Wearing Appeal Products

3230-037b Quota-Class Merchandise: Processing and Reporting

3230-038 Quota Openings - Reporting Procedures for the Presentation of Entry Summaries for Prorated Quota

3230-039A Quota and Temporary Importation Under Bond (TIB)

3230-040A Quota and Electronic Payments (ACH)

3230-044 Quota and Duty Refund Requests: TPLs/TRQs

3240-034A In-Bond Time Limits for Exportation

3240-036A In-bond Processing and Customs Form 7512, CD 3240-036A

3250-007B Agricultural Marketing Service Importation Inspection Requirements

3260-037A Policy to Combat Losses and Insure Prompt Delivery of Carted and Lightered Goods

3270-007 Centralized Examination Stations (CES's)

3280-013B Acceptance Of Temporary Admission Carnets

3510-004 Monetary Guidelines for Setting Bond Amounts

3510-005 Bond Sufficiency

3530-002A Right to Make Entry

3530-007 Broker/Entry Compliance

3550-017B Procedures for Requests from the Trade for Official Certification of Documents by CBP

3550-055 Instructions for Deriving Manufacturer/Shipper Identification Code

3550-058 Customs Entry Numbering

3550-063A Automated Clearinghouse for Payment of ABI Daily Statement (ACH)

3550-067 Entry Summary Acceptance and Rejection Policy

3550-070 Filing and Processing Claims Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

3550-071 "Change" and "No Change" Liquidation Notations

3550-073A Duty Free Entry of Scientific Instruments

3550-079A Ultimate Consignee at Time Of Entry Release

3550-080 Filing of Generalized System of Preferences Claims

3550-085 Claims under the North American Free Trade Agreement Tariff Preference Levels Program

3560-001A Census Interface-Processing Procedures

3810-009A Administrative and Judicial Review of Origin Determinations Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

3810-010A North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Origin Determination

3810-011A North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Verifications

3820-001b Guidelines for The Sampling and Testing of Raw Sugar Importations

4410-004 Assessment of Penalties Against, Liens Against, and Seizing Conveyances Operated by Commercial/Common Carriers - Legal and Procedural Guidelines

4410-008 Recovery of Lost Revenue Pursuant to 19 USC 1592(D)

4410-012 Bond Sufficiency Actions Against Bonded Carriers

4410-013 Clarification of the Revised Definition of "Fraud" Under 19 USC 1592

4410-014 Referral of Section 1592 Penalty Cases to the Department of Justice

4410-016 Issuance of Penalties for Manifest or Cargo Delivery Violations

4410-019 Procedures for Processing Manifest Penalty Violations for Vessels

5310-031B Automated Clearinghouse (Ach) Defaulted Payments

5610-002A Standard Guidelines for the Input of Names and Addresses Into Automated Commercial System (ACS) Files

Last published: 
July 5, 2017