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Centers of Excellence and Expertise Directory

CBP utilizes team codes as a tool to track work within the Centers and CBP designated new Centers team codes within the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) modules in June, 2020.

  • The new team codes follow an alphabetical format, e.g. ABC, where the first letter will represent a Center, and the secondary and tertiary letters will be used by the Centers to direct transactions to a specific work unit or team.
  • The new team codes will automatically be used in lieu of the previously utilized numerical teams on newly submitted entry summaries. Pre-existing team codes remain in effect for pre-existing transactions, but will phase out as the associated entries liquidate.
  • Please refer to CSMS #43089259 for additional details
Center of Excellence and Expertise Center Identifier New Team Codes
Agriculture and Prepared Products CEE002 B##
Apparel, Footwear and Textiles CEE004 D##
Automotive and Aerospace CEE003 C##
Base Metals CEE005 E##
Consumer Products and Mass Merchandising CEE008 H##
Electronics CEE007 G##
Industrial and Manufacturing Materials CEE009 I##
Machinery CEE010 J##
Petroleum, Natural Gas and Minerals CEE006 F##
Pharmaceuticals, Health and Chemicals CEE001 A##

Contact information for Center supervisors and managers is provided in the Center tabs provided below. Please use this as a reference as it has the most up-to-date listings available.

Agriculture & Prepared Products Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 02

Center Director (A)
Israel Adame
(305) 869-2691 Eastern Time

Division Team Name Position Location/Port E-mail Telephone
V&C   ADAME, ISRAEL Asst. Center Director Miami 305-869-2691
V&C   BARSOUMIAN, HAROUT Asst. Center Director Long Beach 562-366-5610
Partnership     Asst. Center Director      
Enforcement   SHAW, DAVID K Asst. Center Director Long Beach 562-366-5749
V&C BEA DOBBS, JOHN L Entry Branch Chief Portland, ME 207-771-3607
Enforcement BEA ESTRADA, LETICIA Entry Branch Chief Nogales 520-397-2067
V&C BBF, BBG, BEA ALI, GLENDA Sup. Entry Officer San Francisco 415-782-9317
V&C BBD, BBZ, BEA DAVIS, DIANNA Sup. Entry Officer Newark 973-332-2486
V&C BBB, BBC DE LOS RIOS, ISUNE Sup. Entry Officer Miami 305-869-2613
Enforcement BCB, BCD, BEA GRANADOS, MAYRA J Sup. Entry Officer Laredo 956-794-9575
Partnership BAA, BAB LOVELACE, ANDREW P Sup. Entry Officer Buffalo 716-843-8305
V&C BBA, BBE, BEA NAVARRO, LICET Sup. Entry Officer Long Beach 562-366-3804
V&C BCA, BCC, BCE, BEA SMITH, KEVIN S Sup. Entry Officer Detroit 313-442-0319
V&C BBD ALLENIII, ARTHUR E Sup. Import Specialist El Paso 915-872-2629
Enforcement BCA ALLISON, CLINTON J Sup. Import Specialist Long Beach 562-366-5684
Enforcement BCG ARGUELLO, VERONICA Sup. Import Specialist Houston 281-985-6892
Enforcement BCD BASILIO, DENISE Sup. Import Specialist Newark 973-368-6785
V&C BBQ BUSH, GEORGE W Sup. Import Specialist Miami 305-869-2660
Enforcement BCB CRUZ, GREGORY Sup. Import Specialist Nogales 520-397-2023
Enforcement BCF FILAZZOLA, ANTHONY Sup. Import Specialist Laredo, TX 305-906-0932
V&C BBA HERNANDEZ, YVONNE J Sup. Import Specialist Los Angeles / Long Beach 562-366-5711
Enforcement BCC HILL, BRIAN Sup. Import Specialist Detroit 313-442-0322
Partnership BAA LOPEZ, LARISSA G Sup. Import Specialist Miami 305-869-2648
V&C BBF MASCOBETTO, JOEL Sup. Import Specialist Newark 973-368-6879
Enforcement BCE MCKNIGHT, ALAN Sup. Import Specialist Tampa 813-734-5083
Partnership BAB OLVERA, LEOPOLDO Sup. Import Specialist Pharr 956-283-2103
V&C BBE PIECH, MICHAEL Sup. Import Specialist Buffalo 716-843-8518
V&C BBG SKYLES, ROSLYN S Sup. Import Specialist Newark 973-368-6846
V&C BBB SMITH, LOUIS Sup. Import Specialist Champlain 518-298-8328
V&C BBC TERRY, BARBARA E Sup. Import Specialist Philadelphia 215-717-585

Apparel, Footwear & Textiles Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 04

Center Director
Eric Batt
(415) 782-9346 Pacific Time

Division Team Name Position Location/Port E-mail Telephone
V&C   BIRCK, LINDA A Asst. Center Director Newark 973-368-6943
Partnership   BUCHANAN, ALICE J Asst. Center Director San Francisco  415-782-9289
V&C   LANDAU, MITCHEL Asst. Center Director Newark 973-368-6781
Enforcement   SNIDER, JAMES Asst. Center Director San Diego 619-744-5217
V&C DEL LOPEZ, IRMA Entry Branch Chief Norfolk 973-368-6943
Partnership DAA, DAB, DAC STARR, GREGORY E Entry Branch Chief Los Angeles 310-348-6707
Enforcement DEI TIMME, JACQUELYN Entry Branch Chief Seattle 206-533-2499
Partnership DDA, DDB JOCSON, ROLANDO M Sup. Drawback Specialist San Francisco 415-782-9392
Partnership DDA, DDB NUGENT, SHAWN Sup. Drawback Specialist San Francisco 415-782-9247
Enforcement DEH CISNEROS, JESSICA Sup. Entry Officer Otay Mesa 619-671-8030
V&C DEL CLANCY, ROGER L Sup. Entry Officer Norfolk 757-533 4205
V&C DBD, DEK HOWELL, QUMYKA Sup. Entry Officer New York 718-487-5118
Partnership DAA, DAB, DAC KEEGAN, MICHAEL J Sup. Entry Officer Milwaukee 414-486-7790 ext. 2021
Enforcement DEF LEE, EUNJOO Sup. Entry Officer Seattle 206-370-3711
Partnership DAA, DAB, DAC MAGUIRE, KATHLEEN Sup. Entry Officer San Francisco 415-782-9410
V&C DEH, DEJ MCCOMB, CHRISTOPHER J. Sup. Entry Officer Champlain 518-298-8334
V&C DDI, DEJ MONTERO, BENITO Sup. Entry Officer Miami 305-869-2646
Partnership DAA, DAB, DAC STEELE, JANICE M Sup. Entry Officer Jacksonville JANISE.STELLE@CBP.DHS.GOV 904-714-3088
Partnership DAA, DAB, DAC WAI, CLINTON Sup. Entry Officer San Francisco 415-782-9312
Enforcement DCH BARIC, NEDA Sup. Import Specialist Los Angeles 310-348-6743
Enforcement DBA BRIEN, REBECCA Sup. Import Specialist Otey Mesa 619-671-8086
Partnership DAB BRITTON, YVETTE M Sup. Import Specialist El Paso 915-872-5806
Partnership DAC CASTRO, BRENDALIZ Sup. Import Specialist Savannah 912-721-4852
V&C DCE COLEMAN, SUSAN Sup. Import Specialist Cleveland 440-891-3829
V&C DBJ DEFILIPPO, CLAUDIA Sup. Import Specialist JFK New York 718-487-2568
V&C DBE ENGELBERTSON, JULIE M Sup. Import Specialist San Francisco 415-782-9264
Enforcement DCG HULTZ, ANGELA D Sup. Import Specialist Seattle 206-370-3742
V&C DBI LEMIEUX, JASON M Sup. Import Specialist Champlain, NY 518-298-8320
V&C DBH MATEI, KAREN Sup. Import Specialist Chicago 847-928-5727
V&C DCF MCCABE, PATRICK JOHN Sup. Import Specialist Detroit 313-442-0312
V&C DBC MIKULKA, SUZANA Sup. Import Specialist Newark 973-368-6851
V&C DCC NOCERO, THOMAS Sup. Import Specialist New York 718-487-2467
V&C DBK SULLIVAN, JOHN M Sup. Import Specialist Mobile 251-378-7628
Enforcement DCD TESSENEAR, KRISTEN F Sup. Import Specialist Norfolk 757-533-4234
V&C DBD THALROSE, SHELLEY H Sup. Import Specialist New York 718-487-2473
Partnership DAA TIRITILLI, MARC C Sup. Import Specialist Los Angeles 562-366-5660
Enforcement DCA WILSON, MARCHELE Sup. Import Specialist Los Angeles 562-366-5589
V&C DBF VIDAL, CHRISTINA A. Sup. Import Specialist Laredo 956-794-9504
V&C DBG VOGAN, JOSHUA P Sup. Import Specialist Boston 617-565-6124
V&C DCB YOUNG, LAURA Sup. Import Specialist Newark 973-368-6784
Enforcement DBB ZEPEDA, HOLLY Sup. Import Specialist Los Angeles 562-366-5656

 Automotive & Aerospace Center Directory

(866) 295‐7624 code 03

Center Director
Serina Baker-Hill
(313) 442-0250 Eastern Time

Division Team Name Position Location/Port E-mail Telephone


Detroit 518-298-8321
V&C   LOPEZ, SANDY M Asst. Center Director Laredo 956-794-9532
Enforcement   STAUDT, JUDY L Asst. Center Director Seattle 206-478-0616
Partnership   TATE, PATRICIA D Asst. Center Director Detroit 313-442-0273
Partnership CEA, CEB GONZALEZ-UPSHAW, ERMA Entry Branch Chief Detroit 313-442-0267
Enforcement CEA, CEM MILES, BRANDON J.K. Entry Branch Chief Baltimore 410-962-2869
V&C CEA, CEF STEWART, CINDY L Entry Branch Chief Pembina 701-825-5811
V&C CBA, CBB, CBC, CBD, CBE, CBF, CBG, CBH FLOOD, CHARMION A IS Branch Chief Buffalo 716-843-8376
Partnership CAA, CAB, CAC, CAD MARSHALL, MARCIA M IS Branch Chief Detroit 313-442-0379
Enforcement CCA, CCB, CCC, CCD, CCE, CCF YONKE, ANGEL E IS Branch Chief Pembina 701-825-5615
Partnership CDA MARK, STACY Sup. Drawback Specialist Newark 973-368-6712
Partnership CEA, CEC BYRD, VERA Sup. Entry Officer Detroit 313-442-0251
V&C CEA, CEK DOMINIQUE, EMILY A Sup. Entry Officer Port Huron, MI 810-985-7125 ext 8003
Partnership CAA, CAB, CAC, CAD, CEA, CEE FALLA, JULIAN Sup. Entry Officer Minneapolis, MN 952-857-3100 ext 3189
Enforcement CEA,CEO HAYNES, STANICIA L Sup. Entry Officer Newark STANICIA.L.HAYNES@CBP.DHS.GOV 973-368-6194
V&C CBD,CEJ HERNANDEZ, MARGARET T Sup. Entry Officer JFK 718-487-5072
Enforcement IAB LEDESMA, MARY JO Sup. Entry Officer Detroit 313-442-0257
Partnership CAA, CAB, CAC, CAD, CAE, CEA OLSONAWSKI, HEIDI J Sup. Entry Officer Pembina, ND 701-825-5810
V&C CBE,CEA PERRYMAN, ENGRID E Sup. Entry Officer Mobile 251-378-7622
V&C CBC,CEA,CEL RAYMOND, WILLIAM E Sup. Entry Officer Charleston 843-579-6531
V&C CEA,CEH VALENZUELA, JUAN C. Sup. Entry Officer Nogales 520-397-2065
V&C CBE,CBG,CBH BLACKMON, VERDELL A Sup. Import Specialist Detroit 313-442-0264
V&C CBF,CBG,CBH DE LA PENA, SILVIA Sup. Import Specialist Laredo 956-794-9532
Enforcement CCF GLADDEN, DANIEL C Sup. Import Specialist Atlanta 404-917-2067
Enforcement CCC,CCE IMES, LILLIAN A Sup. Import Specialist Dallas 972-870-7582
Partnership CAE LOZOYA, ZEIDY J Sup. Import Specialist Nogales, AZ 520-397-2038
V&C CBG,CBH,CBI MARTINEZ, ANJANETTE C Sup. Import Specialist Brownsville 956-983-5695
Partnership CAB MEIER, MICHELE Sup. Import Specialist Cleveland 440-891-3858
Partnership CAD OSIER, DONALD C Sup. Import Specialist Los Angeles 562-366-5453
V&C CBB,CBG,CBH ROSENBERGER, LAURA Sup. Import Specialist Miami 305-869-2695
V&C CBD,CBG,CBH SHAHIED, JANEAN M Sup. Import Specialist New York 718-487-2590
Enforcement CCE SHORTRIDGE, MARTITA Sup. Import Specialist Charleston 843-579-6551
Partnership CAC TAWADROUS, ROSEMARY Sup. Import Specialist Newark 973-368-6859
V&C CBA,CBG,CBH TRAN, QUOC Sup. Import Specialist Los Angeles 562-366-5703
Partnership CAA WASSAN, CHRIS F Sup. Import Specialist Blaine 360-332-2436
Enforcement CCD,CCE WEIFORD, JOSEPH S Sup. Import Specialist Baltimore 410-962-3833
Enforcement CEP BORDEN, DONNA L Sup. Liquidation Specialist New Orleans 504-670-2086

Base Metals Center Directory
(312) 542‐5758

Center Director
Africa Bell
(312) 542-5709 Central Time

Division Team Name Position Location/Port E-mail Telephone
Partnership   DEAN, MICHAEL K Asst. Center Director Phoenix 602-914-1400  ext. 219
V&C   ROY, TRACY D Asst. Center Director Washington 202-302-6490
Enforcement   WACHOVEC, EDWARD P Asst. Center Director Cleveland 440-891-2534
Enforcement ECE BELFIORE, MARY LOU Entry Branch Chief Chicago 847-928-6072
Partnership EEA ENGLISH, MICHELLE D Entry Branch Chief Cleveland 440-891-2531
Partnership EDA, EDB FICEK, RICHARD Sup. Drawback Specialist Chicago 847-928-6077
Partnership EEA DAWSON, CHANNELL M Sup. Entry Officer Houston 281-985-6851
Partnership EEA ISAACS, CASANDRA E Sup. Entry Officer New York 718-487-5119
Enforcement ECE PAGLIARO, CYNTHIA C Sup. Entry Officer Chicago 847-928-6562
Enforcement ECE RESTIVO, JONATHAN L Sup. Entry Officer Cleveland 440-891-3830
V&C Entry URBAN, TAMMY W Sup. Entry Officer New Orleans 504-670-2359
Partnership EEA WILLIAMS, JACQUELINE Sup. Entry Officer Los Angeles 562-366-5408
V&C EBB FISCHER, JOSEPH Sup. Import Specialist Buffalo 716-843-8386
Partnership EAA, EAB, EAC, EAD JACKSON, JEREMY Sup. Import Specialist Baltimore 410-962-0748
Enforcement ECB JACKSON-COOK, LISA Sup. Import Specialist New Orleans, LA 504-670-2256
Partnership EAA, EAB, EAC, EAD MCILWAIN SR., JONATHON M. Sup. Import Specialist Chicago 847-928-6085
V&C EBE PHELPS, ERNEST Sup. Import Specialist Houston 281-985-6826
Enforcement ECP PINEDA, ABRIL A Sup. Import Specialist Laredo 956-794-9553
V&C EBD RUBINO, MATTEO A Sup. Import Specialist Detroit 313-442-0308
V&C EBC SALGADO, CESAR A Sup. Import Specialist Los Angeles 562-366-5692
V&C EBA SUSTER, MARIAN Sup. Import Specialist New York 862-293-0568

Consumer Products & Mass Merchandising Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 08

Center Director
Melvin Moreland
(404) 997-7870 Eastern Time

Division Team Name Position Location/Port E-mail Telephone
Partnership   GOLF, LINDA A Asst. Center Director Chicago 847-928-5810
Enforcement     Asst. Center Director      
V&C   LYNCH, ROBERT M Asst. Center Director Atlanta 404-675-1245
V&C   SUMBI, PAUL Asst. Center Director Los Angeles 562-366-5752
Partnership HEC GRIFFIN, DANNY R Entry Branch Chief Atlanta 404-675-1266
Enforcement HCE GRIFFIN, RHONDA L IS Branch Chief Los Angeles 562-366-5704
V&C HBW, HBX, HEH ALLARD, JANE Sup. Entry Officer Denver 303-375-4514
Partnership HAD, HEB ALVAREZ, SIMONE A Sup. Entry Officer Phoenix 602-914-1400 ext. 204
V&C HBW; HBX CHILDS, WILLIE L Sup. Entry Officer Dallas 972-870-7524
V&C HEI DAMPER, LENORA D Sup. Entry Officer St. Louis 314-429-8106 ext. 8106
V&C HEJ DAVIS, REGINA Sup. Entry Officer San Francisco 415-782-9303
Partnership HED KAKUDA, SUSAN T Sup. Entry Officer Honolulu 808-356-4155
Partnership HEF MAHONEY, FRANCIS P Sup. Entry Officer Tampa 813-712-6007
V&C HEL MCMILLON, JONATHAN C Sup. Entry Officer Atlanta, GA 404-675-1280
V&C HEE, JEK MORRISON, MYRA A Sup. Entry Officer Detroit 313-442-0263
Partnership HEG RICE, THOMAS E Sup. Entry Officer Charlotte 704-329-6142
V&C HEK SCHWARTZ, ALLEN I Sup. Entry Officer JFK 718-487-5094
V&C HBU, HEM SLOAN, BRIAN K Sup. Entry Officer Miami 305-869-2633
V&C HBT, HEN THERIOT, GEORGINA Sup. Entry Officer El Paso 915-872-3413
V&C HEP WELLS, LYDIA J Sup. Entry Officer Boston 617-565-4615
Enforcement HEA WILLIAMS, DANIEL E Sup. Entry Officer Baltimore 410-962-8162
V&C HBP ALLEN, STEPHANIE TOWNSEND Sup. Import Specialist Charlotte 704-329-6104
V&C HBQ ARNOLD, AMY Sup. Import Specialist Newark 973-368-6847
Partnership HAE, HAM BENNETT, HOLLY R Sup. Import Specialist Dallas HOLLY.R.BENNETT@CBP.DHS.GOV 972-870-7471
V&C HBZ BRUEHLER, ALEXIS E Sup. Import Specialist Blaine 360-332-5771 ext. 3112
Partnership HAB CASEY, MAUREEN Sup. Import Specialist Buffalo 716-843-8385
Enforcement HCB CHANDERDATT, BRYAN C Sup. Import Specialist JFK New York 718-487-2524 ext 2576
V&C HBS COHEN, NEIL Sup. Import Specialist New York 718-487-2592
Enforcement HCF CONWAY, DEANN Sup. Import Specialist Jacksonville 904-714-3084
V&C HBX COREA, NATHAN R Sup. Import Specialist Los Angeles / Long Beach 310-763-0601 ext 2342
Partnership HAA CROWTHER, ANNE E Sup. Import Specialist Savannah 912-721-4854
Partnership HAD FREEMAN, MARY B Sup. Import Specialist Champlain 518-298-7284
Enforcement HBO GARCIA, PAULINE Sup. Import Specialist Los Angeles 310-348-6774
V&C HBN GUSTAFSON, MARYALICE Sup. Import Specialist Norfolk 757-533-4228
V&C HBR JANEZIC, HEATHER L Sup. Import Specialist Cleveland, OH (Acting) 440-891-3862
V&C HBV LEE, CHEWANA A Sup. Import Specialist Atlanta 404-675-1322
Partnership HAG MACKALY, DARREN W Sup. Import Specialist Portland, OR 503-326-6395
V&C HBU MANCHENO, MARCELO Sup. Import Specialist Jacksonville 904-714-3090
Enforcement HBO; HCO MAYORALGO, ALDIE J Sup. Import Specialist Norfolk, VA 757-441-2227
Enforcement HCA MENESES, GORKA Sup. Import Specialist Miami 305-869-2527
Partnership HAC MORTIMER, MICHELE J Sup. Import Specialist Houston 281-985-6812
Enforcement   NEEDHAM, SANDRA M Sup. Import Specialist Detroit, MI 313-442-0331
V&C HBT RIOS, JR, LEONEL Sup. Import Specialist Hidalgo / Pharr, TX 956-283-2118
Enforcement HCB RIVERA, ANITA T Sup. Import Specialist Newark 678-491-5461
Enforcement HCD SABO, AMBER R Sup. Import Specialist Port Huron 810-985-7125 ext 8009
V&C HBW SCOTT, HEATHER M Sup. Import Specialist Seattle 206-553-1435
V&C HBX, HBY THOMPSON, CRAIG R Sup. Import Specialist San Francisco 415-782-9389
Enforcement HCC WATKINS, JUDY A Sup. Import Specialist Memphis 901-544-0299

Electronics Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 07

Center Director
Alan Aprea
(562) 743-5635 Eastern Time

Division Team Name Position Location/Port E-mail Telephone
Enforcement   BENITEZ, YOLANDA Asst. Center Director Long Beach 562-366-5730
Partnership   BOERIO, DANIEL G Asst. Center Director Middleburg Heights 440-891-3855
V&C   GAULT, DAVID R Asst. Center Director Memphis 901-480-4040
V&C   RAMIREZ, SHERRY Asst. Center Director Detroit 734-941-6180 x440
V&C Entry; GEA ABNEY, MICHELLE L Entry Branch Chief New York 718-487-5121
Enforcement Entry, GEB, GEF, GEJ, GEV, GEX TURNER, ANTHONY C Entry Branch Chief Long Beach 562-366-5406
Enforcement GC#   IS Branch Chief      
V&C GB# GUADAMUZ, ANGELA J IS Branch Chief San Francisco 415-782-9283
Partnership   HUNSUCKER, JONATHAN IS Branch Chief Norfolk 757-441-6242 x2225
Enforcement GEV FISCHER, KELLY A Sup. Entry Officer Anchorage 907-271-8101
Enforcement GEF FROST, DONALD Sup. Entry Officer Los Angeles 310-348-6711
V&C  GEG GONZALEZ, ELIZABET Sup. Entry Officer Chicago 847-928-6074
V&C GEJ JONES, LATOIYA M Sup. Entry Officer Long Beach 562-366-5411
Enforcement GEB PHAM, TUYEN Sup. Entry Officer Long Beach TUYEN.PHAM@CBP.DHS.GOV 562-366-5420
V&C GES SANCHEZ, MICHELLE M Sup. Entry Officer Brownsville 956-982-3640 
V&C  GEW WEBB, LISA Sup. Entry Officer Newark 973-368-6941
Enforcement GCF ALVARADO, JOSEPH D Sup. Import Specialist Dallas 972-870-7598
Partnership GAA; GAB; GAC; GAO; GAP; GAQ; GAR  ANDERSON, DEBRA A Sup. Import Specialist Anchorage 907-271-1617
V&C GAZ ANDUJAR, MARIE Sup. Import Specialist Newark 973-368-6842
Partnership GAA, GAB, GAC CISNEROS, CHRISTOPHER P Sup. Import Specialist Long Beach 562-366-5743
Enforcement GCE CORDI, ANTOINETTE Sup. Import Specialist New York 718-487-2586
Enforcement GCC CORELLA, FRANK V Sup. Import Specialist Nogales 520-397-2024
Enforcement GCB FLUCKIGER, JULIANA Sup. Import Specialist Long Beach 562-366-5632
Enforcement GCA GERBER, JOHN P Sup. Import Specialist San Francisco 415-782-9266
V&C GBU, GBV, GBW, GBX, GBY, GBZ HARRIS, JOSEPH Sup. Import Specialist Chicago 847-928-6080
V&C GBI, GBL, GBM, GBN, GBQ HERNANDEZ, CLAUDIA Sup. Import Specialist Laredo 956-794-9539
V&C GBE, GBH, GBJ, GBK, GBO LOLKUS, DIRIK J Sup. Import Specialist Long Beach 562-366-5462
Enforcement GCD PARKINSON, JOHN D Sup. Import Specialist Cleveland 440-891-2540
V&C GBC, GBS REESE, JEANA Sup. Import Specialist Los Angeles 310-348-6794
Partnership GAA, GAB, GAC SANCHEZ, YOHAN C Sup. Import Specialist Philadelphia 215-717-5800
V&C GBF, GBG SILVA, TERESA Sup. Import Specialist El Paso 915-730-7042
V&C GBP, GBR, GBT STEGEMEIER, GERALD B Sup. Import Specialist Phoenix 602-914-1400 x218
V&C GBA, GBB STEVENS, MICHAEL Sup. Import Specialist Miami 305-869-2694

Industrial & Manufacturing Materials Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 09

Center Director
Ann Marie Paul
(716) 843-8351 Eastern Time

Division Team Name Position Location/Port E-mail Telephone
Enforcement   BEKALARSKI, ROBERT L Asst. Center Director Buffalo 716-843-8453
Partnership   ERECE, JONATHAN A Asst. Center Director Carson, CA 562-366-3270
V&C   SNITKER, CONNOR A Asst. Center Director (A) Pembina 701-825-5859
V&C   WALKOWIAK, JOHN F Entry Branch Chief Buffalo 716-843-8301
Enforcement ICA,ICB,ICC,ICD CAVADA, GLORIA IS Branch Chief Laredo 956-982-4036
Partnership IAB ALSTON, BOBBIE A Sup. Entry Officer Savannah 912-447-9431
V&C IBD DATANGEL, DIVINA L Sup. Entry Officer San Francisco 415-782-9341
V&C IBA GARCIA, HECTOR Sup. Entry Officer Hidalgo / Pharr, TX 956-283-2100
Partnership IAA HUDSON, TAMMY Sup. Entry Officer Buffalo 716-843-8316
V&C IBB, IBC LABELLE, DOREEN A Sup. Entry Officer Champlain 518-298-8376
Enforcement ICA, ICB, ICC, ICD SILVA, ADRIAN Sup. Entry Officer Long Beach 562-366-5622
Partnership IAA ALBANO, ELISE R Sup. Import Specialist Buffalo 716-843-8369
Partnership IAC BISHOP, NICHOLAS Sup. Import Specialist Long Beach 562-366-5626
Enforcement ICB GONYO, TAMMY A Sup. Import Specialist Champlain 518-298-8388
Enforcement ICA JANISZESKI, KEVIN Sup. Import Specialist Buffalo kevin.janiszeski@cbp.dhs.go 716-843-8368
Partnership IAB MARTIN, MATTHEW R Sup. Import Specialist Otay Mesa 619-671-8096
Enforcement ICC NELSON, KRISTINA R Sup. Import Specialist Pembina 701-825-5609
Enforcement ICD PALMISANO, LINDSAY Sup. Import Specialist Buffalo LINDSAY.M.PALMISANO@CBP.DHS.GOV 716-843-8432
V&C IBC PLAZA, MIGUEL Sup. Import Specialist Chicago 847-928-6068
V&C IBB ROMERO, FRANCISCO J Sup. Import Specialist Newark 973-368-6876
Enforcement ICE SERRANO, ERIKA Sup. Import Specialist Norfolk 757-533-4250
V&C IBA SUPRINVIL, SONY Sup. Import Specialist Miami 305-869-7759
V&C IBD WINZER, HERBERT Sup. Import Specialist Pembina, ND 701-825-5815
Partnership IAA YOUNG, ARCHIE Sup. Import Specialist Detroit 734-941-6397 ext. 441

Machinery Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 10

Center Director
Juan Porras
(956) 753‐1006 Central Time

Division Team Name Position Location/Port E-mail Telephone
Partnership   DICKINSON, CARMEN Asst. Center Director Laredo 956-753-1758
V&C   POLASHOCK, CHRISTOPHER P Asst. Center Director Newark 973-368-6869
Enforcement   SACERIO, JOSE L Asst. Center Director Miami 305-869-2864
V&C   SCHOLTENS, ROBERT G Asst. Center Director Atlanta 404-675-1232
V&C   HOWE, BERNADETTE R Entry Branch Chief Philadelphia 215-717-5818
V&C JEG CAMPOVERDE, CARLOS X Sup. Entry Officer Boston 617-565-6140
V&C JEB, JEC DEVOUX, FEFILOI Sup. Entry Officer Long Beach 562-366-5769
V&C JED FLORES, ELIDA Sup. Entry Officer Laredo 956-794-9310
V&C JEC GARCIA, CHRISTIAN Sup. Entry Officer Portland, OR 503-335-2908
V&C JEF GONZALEZ, ARMANDO G. Sup. Entry Officer Houston 281-985-6866
V&C JBN, JBO, JEJ, JEK, JEN HERRMANN, KURT Sup. Entry Officer Buffalo 716-843-8324
V&C JEE MARROQUIN, MARTHA Sup. Entry Officer Pharr 956-283-2025
Partnership JAA, JAB, JEA MARTIN, DIANA M Sup. Entry Officer Blaine 360-332-2350
V&C JEI MPAZICOS, PATRICIA M Sup. Entry Officer New York 718-487-5096
V&C JEK PATENAUDE, MICHEL G Sup. Entry Officer Champlain 518-298-8323
V&C JEH, JEI SIUDY, DINA Sup. Entry Officer Newark DINA.S.SIUDY@CBP.DHS.GOV 973-368-1301
V&C JEL, JEM WITULSKI, LISA M Sup. Entry Officer Philadelphia 215-717-5824
V&C JBC AGUILERA, PAOLA Sup. Import Specialist Laredo 956-794-9524
V&C JBE ASH, BERNARD Sup. Import Specialist Atlanta 404-917-2070
V&C JBP ASHMUS, LISA Sup. Import Specialist Chicago 847-928-5130
Enforcement JCB BASMAJIAN, JODIE Sup. Import Specialist Champlain 518-298-8338
V&C JBN BRISTOL, JOHN Sup. Import Specialist Detroit 313-442-0356
V&C JBM CHOW, LILY Sup. Import Specialist Newark 973-368-6938
V&C JBK CIAMPAGLIA, JOHN C Sup. Import Specialist Boston 617-565-6116
V&C JBF COLBERT, SHEILA R Sup. Import Specialist Charleston [19] 843-579-6548
Partnership JAA DARDEN, BERT R Sup. Import Specialist Savannah 912-447-9415
Partnership JAB DELEON, ERIKA MELINDA Sup. Import Specialist Laredo 956-794-9522
V&C JBL DELEON, YANIRI Sup. Import Specialist JFK YANIRI.DELEON@CBP.DHS.GOV 718-487-2526
Enforcement JCB GERACE, JOHN Sup. Import Specialist Memphis 901-480-4041
V&C JBG JONES, WILBERT D Sup. Import Specialist Charlotte 704-329-6126
V&C JBO KAUFMAN, WILLIAM P Sup. Import Specialist Buffalo 716-843-8375
V&C JBA, JBD KIMCHREA, SANITH S Sup. Import Specialist Houston 281-985-6764
V&C JBB MCCARTHY, EILEEN Sup. Import Specialist Long Beach EILEEN.MCCARTHY@CBP.DHS.GOV 562-366-5701
V&C JBI PEULER, LESLIE Sup. Import Specialist New Orleans 504-670-2079
V&C JBS REDDY, TIFFANY R Sup. Import Specialist Los Angeles 310-348-6752
V&C JBH RODRIGUEZ, MAGDAMARI Sup. Import Specialist Miami 305-869-2668
V&C JBJ RUCKI, TED J Sup. Import Specialist Philadelphia 215-717-5825
V&C JBQ WILLIAMS, KIMBERLY A Sup. Import Specialist Cleveland 440-891-2515

Petroleum, Natural Gas & Minerals Center Directory
(866) 295‐7624 code 06

Center Director
David McGurk
(281) 985‐6767 Central Time

Division Team Name Position Location/Port E-mail Telephone
Enforcement   JOHNSON, KRISTI L Asst. Center Director Minneapolis 952-857-3235
V&C   KENDRICK, THOMAS J Asst. Center Director Houston 281-985-6770
Partnership   SAUM, JEFFREY C Asst. Center Director Port Huron 810-985-7125 ext. 8001
V&C FDA, FDB GOLDEN, DEIDRA L Sup. Drawback Specialist Houston 281-985-6895
Partnership FEA BOND, DOROTHY J Sup. Entry Officer Blaine 360-332-2679
Enforcement FEA OLSON, JEREMY Sup. Entry Officer Minneapolis 952-857-3186
V&C FEA SAUNDERS, DANIEL Sup. Entry Officer Houston 281-985-6894
V&C FBD BOSTICK, KIMBERLY A Sup. Import Specialist Port Huron 810-985-7125 ext. 8018
V&C FBC GONZALEZ, YADIRA ISABEL Sup. Import Specialist Laredo 956-794-9594
Enforcement FCB GRYGORCEWICZ, VIOLETTA Sup. Import Specialist Newark 973-368-6783
Enforcement FCA JENSEN, GAIL A Sup. Import Specialist Pembina 701-825-5840
Partnership FAA, FAB MASLOSKI, BRENDA L Sup. Import Specialist Pembina 701-825-5831
Partnership FAA, FAB MILLER, KIMBRA E Sup. Import Specialist Blaine  360-332-2335
V&C FBA O'BRIEN, TATUM J Sup. Import Specialist Portland, ME tatum.o' 207-771-3614
Partnership FAC RYAN, DEBORAH L Sup. Import Specialist New Orleans 504-670-2084
V&C FBB YOON, ROY R Sup. Import Specialist St. Albans 802-527-330

Pharmaceuticals, Health & Chemicals Center Directory
(866) 295-7624 code 01

Center Director
JoAnne Colonnello
(973) 368‐6003 Eastern Time

Division Team Name Position Location/Port E-mail Telephone
V&C   AMSTUTZ, DIANE Asst. Center Director Cleveland 440-891-3828
Partnership   OROSZ, ANTHONY Asst. Center Director New York 718-487-5003
Enforcement   PORTER, BRANDY L Asst. Center Director New York 646-357-6107
Enforcement AEB UOTANI, FRANK K Entry Branch Chief Otay Mesa 619-671-8032
Partnership ADA ELMALIS, SONIA L Sup. Drawback Specialist Newark 973-368-6709
Partnership AEC BAEZ, SUZANNE Sup. Entry Officer Newark 973-368-6857
V&C Entry CARRERA, WALTER Sup. Entry Officer El Paso 915-872-4760
Enforcement AEE ESCOBEDO, KRYSTAL A Sup. Entry Officer Laredo 956-794-9312
Enforcement AEE, AEF HAU, GUADALUPE Y Sup. Entry Officer Otay Mesa 619-671-8031
Enforcement ACD, ACM BOUDREAUX, NICOLE M Sup. Import Specialist Laredo 956-794-9595
V&C ABE, AEZ COLLINS, VIVIAN D Sup. Import Specialist Memphis 901-480-4039
V&C ABB HOLMES, LESLIE W. Sup. Import Specialist Charleston 843-579-6545
V&C ABC HUA, ROGER Sup. Import Specialist JFK New York 646-907-4715
Enforcement ACC, ACT LANDERS, RYAN Sup. Import Specialist San Diego 619-671-8091
V&C ABD LANKFORD, TATANISHA Sup. Import Specialist Long Beach 562-366-5684
Partnership AAC, AAD, AAI, AAN NELSON, JIMMIE W Sup. Import Specialist El Paso 915-730-7042
Partnership AAA, AAB, AAK, AAM, AAN OLSEN, LISA M Sup. Import Specialist Cleveland 440-891-2548
V&C ABA PEREZ, SANTOS Sup. Import Specialist Newark 973-368-6798
Enforcement ACC;ACF PHILLIPS, JENNA E Sup. Import Specialist Champlain, NY 929-638-0918
Enforcement ACC SANCHEZ, ANABELLE Sup. Import Specialist Rosemont 847-928-6571
Enforcement ACB SAWYER, SARAH L Sup. Import Specialist Miami 646-315-4215
Enforcement ACA WASHINGTON, MAISHA Sup. Import Specialist Atlanta 404-675-1325 ext 1325
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