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CTPAT Resource Library and Job Aids

The files in this library are available for free download and printing. They are intended as samples or demonstrations of how many of the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (CTPAT) program’s minimum security criteria can be easily met by many smaller companies, or companies with multiple locations, without resorting to expensive resources or processes. CTPAT Partners may also find these samples useful when conducting outreach on the minimum security criteria to business partners that are not eligible for the CTPAT program, but who need documented procedures to comply with requests from the CTPAT Partner.

As an applicant to the CTPAT program, a company should be reviewing and documenting its existing security practices and procedures to determine if the program’s minimum security criteria are being successfully addressed. Additionally, daily security activities should, and in many cases must, be documented in order for companies to be able to conduct internal audits and ensure continuity of the processes. This documented Evidence of Implementation of security procedures is a critical element that CTPAT Supply Chain Security Specialists will be asking to review during validation site visits. When reviewing such documentation, Specialists are required to ensure all such processes and records are specific to the CTPAT Partner’s operation and not “one size fits all” or “cookie cutter” documents.

Thus, none of these documents should be used “as is,” but should be tailored to the particular need of each company, location, or supply chain. To emphasize the necessity of having such processes accurately reflect individual needs, the documents have been posted here in such a format they may only be printed and not electronically modified. This format will require a person within the company to actively create and customize their unique version of such documents, and thus take ownership of the processes.

Last Modified: Jun 03, 2022