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Applying for CTPAT

The application process for the CTPAT program is done online. A company representative will fill out the application on a secure website called the CTPAT Portal. There are two components to the application process: the Company Profile and the Security Profile. The company profile section of the application will ask for information such as addresses, contact information. Once the company profile is complete and the “Submit” button is clicked, an account is created in the CTPAT Portal. When this account has been created, the company representative will then enter information into the Security Profile. The Security Profile section of the website contains questions of a more detailed nature that the Supply Chain Security Specialist (SCSS) who reviews your file will use to determine your company’s ability to meet CTPAT minimum security requirements.

Once the security profile is reviewed and accepted, your company will be accepted into the CTPAT program and will start receiving some benefits. At this time, the SCSS assigned to your account will contact you in order to set up a site visit to observe security practices at your location(s). When the SCSS reviews your company’s operations and has found them to meet CTPAT requirements, your company will become validated as a Tier II company, and will begin receiving the full benefits of the CTPAT Program.


Last Modified: Feb 22, 2024