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Rio Grande City Station

730 Border Patrol Lane
Rio Grande City, Texas 78582
Phone: (956) 487-1044
Fax: (956) 487-1059

On November 4, 2002, the present Rio Grande City Station was relocated from the old station in Rio Grande City to 730 Border Patrol Lane, Rio Grande City, Texas. This location is approximately 13 miles east of Rio Grande City in Alto Bonito, Texas just south of Expressway 83. The Rio Grande City Station is situated on about 31 acres, although it is currently utilizing about 10 acres.

Area of Responsibility
Rio Grande City Station's area of responsibility encompasses approximately 1,228 square miles of Starr County in deep-south Texas and encompasses 68 miles of international border from the Starr/Hidalgo County line to the Starr/Zapata County line. Three international ports of entry, Rio Grande City (RGC), Roma (ROM) and Falcon (FAL), are located within the area of responsibility. The Mexican cities of Ciudad Camargo, Miguel Aleman, Mier and Nuevo Guerrero, Tamaulipas, Mexico are located directly across the Rio Grande River from Rio Grande City, Roma, and Falcon Dam Ports of Entry.



Last Modified: Oct 13, 2016