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Brownsville Station

940 N. FM 511
Olmito, Texas 78575
Office: (956) 983-1100
Fax: (956) 350-4243

Brownsville is located approximately 50 miles downriver of McAllen, Texas. The Brownsville Station was established when the need to stem the flow of illegal Chinese immigrants into the United States became apparent; thus the mounted guard was created in 1918 to oppose their entry. This mounted guard was incorporated into the Immigration and Naturalization Service with the founding of the Border Patrol in 1924. The Brownsville sub-station, as it was then known, acquired additional responsibilities. A headquarters detachment was maintained at Brownsville or McAllen for many years until a separation of areas was achieved.

The Rio Grande River is a natural water boundary between Brownsville, Texas and her sister city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico. Over the years, the methods of patrolling the border have changed with new equipment, increased manpower, and new technology. However, the basic mission remains constant - to detect, deter, and/or apprehend persons entering or crossing contraband into the United States illegally. The Brownsville Border Patrol Station is currently responsible for patrolling approximately 25 miles of river, as well as patrolling the local community, checking northbound busses, and checking the local detention facilities for illegal immigrants.

Some of the methods currently being utilized by the Brownsville Station are line-watch, Horse Patrol, Bike Patrol, and Boat Patrol. The station has already trained agents for the upcoming ATV Patrol also. Remote Video Monitoring Systems were up and running in 2001, which enabled agents to operate cameras during the day and night to monitor activity.


Last Modified: Oct 13, 2016