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Falfurrias Station

P.O. Box 479 (Mailing Address)
933 County Road 300 (Physical Address)
Falfurrias, Texas 78355
Phone: (361) 325-7000
Fax: (361) 325-7103

The Falfurrias, Texas Border Patrol Station was first opened in 1940. Falfurrias, Texas is located 70 miles north of the Rio Grande River on Hwy 281. Hwy 281 is in corridor two of the Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol Sector. Corridor two remains the heaviest area of alien and narcotic traffic. Falfurrias Station's area of responsibility (AOR) encompasses 1,105 square miles of Brooks County and southern Jim Wells County. Falfurrias' AOR is primarily privately owned ranch land. The terrain is rough, brush and crude vegetation with numerous mesquite and oak trees.

The Falfurrias Station mans a three-lane traffic check point (TCP) situated 13 miles south of town on Hwy 281. As per TXDOT statistics, 10,500 vehicles, 2,500 of which are commercial eighteen-wheelers travel Hwy 281 from the Rio Grande Valley to points north and are inspected at the Falfurrias TCP. The Falfurrias TCP's current location was established in 1994. The TCP has a covered canopy and a 3,000 square foot Administrative Building. The Falfurrias TCP is nationally known as a primary leader in seizures, both alien and narcotic apprehensions.

The TCP is manned 24 hours a day, with 3 primary lanes of inspection and the capabilities of inspecting up to 5 lanes of traffic. Agents not assigned to the TCP, provide back-up coverage to checkpoint operations.

The Falfurrias Border Patrol Station is a new facility, with construction having been completed in 2002. The compound is situated on 3 acres, consisting of a 23,000 square foot administrative building, including a 4,000 square foot detention and processing center. The compound has a garage facility with four large bays and a drive through car wash. The compound is fenced with security features and technology throughout the compound.

The Falfurrias Station area of responsibility consists of Brooks County in its' entirety as well as portions of Jim Wells and Kleberg Counties. The area includes approximately 1,105 square miles and includes the communities of Falfurrias, Encino, Rachel and Premont, Texas. The area is sparsely populated and the terrain is flat with minimal changes in elevation, sandy ranch land with thick mesquite brush and large oak trees.

The station's primary responsibility is to maintain traffic check operations to detect and apprehend terrorists and/or their weapons of mass effect as well to prevent the passage of illegal aliens and/or contraband from the border area to major cities in the interior of the United States via U.S. Highway 281. Large private ranches encompass the entire area of responsibility. The King Ranch owns practically all of the ranchland on the eastside of U.S. Highway 281. Several other large ranches control the remainder of land on the west side.

Last Modified: Oct 13, 2016