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Van Buren Station

Physical Address
9 Main Street
Van Buren, Maine 04785

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 28
Van Buren, Maine 04785
Phone: (207) 868-3900
Fax:(207) 868-2908

The Van Buren Station is located in Aroostook County, which is known as the "Crown of Maine" and is the northernmost Border Patrol Station in Maine. Its area of responsibility covers 162.6 miles of international border with the Canadian Provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec. Of the 162.6 miles, approximately 52 miles are land boundary and 110.6 miles are water boundary made up of the St. John and St. Francis Rivers along with Beau and Glazier Lakes. The area of responsibility includes 2,116 square miles with approximately 80% being forested and 20% being agricultural with rolling hills.

The border with the Province of New Brunswick comprises approximately 90 of the 162.6 miles of the station's international border with the remaining 72.6 miles bordering the province of Quebec to the west. The eastern portion of the Van Buren Station's area of responsibility features farmland mixed with woodlands and hilly terrain interspersed with small towns.

Van Buren Station is a new facility and was built to accommodate an increase in Border Patrol Agents. It is a state of the art facility and has been occupied by the Van Buren agents since November 2007.


Last Modified: Oct 13, 2016