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Fort Fairfield Station


200 Limestone Road
Fort Fairfield, Maine 04742
Phone: (207) 472-5041
Fax: (207) 473-7330

The Fort Fairfield Border Patrol Station is located in Aroostook County, in northern Maine and covers over 3000 square miles including 58.5 miles of international border with Canada.

Agents monitor approximately 30 miles of international border on the east, separating Maine from New Brunswick, Canada, and 30 miles of international border on the west, separating Maine from Quebec, Canada. In addition to residential and commercial areas, there are vast amounts of agricultural fields, wetlands, heavily wooded wilderness areas, mountainous terrain, rivers and lakes within the Fort Fairfield area of operation. About one quarter of the area in the east is farmland, while the remaining three-quarters of the station area are heavily forested. There are many areas, which, during the rainy season are accessible only by helicopter or ATV. Likewise there are other areas which are only accessible by snowshoe or snowmobile during the winter months. While performing their routine patrol activities, agents here must also be on the lookout for wild bear and moose in the sparsely populated wilderness areas of northern Maine.


Last Modified: Oct 13, 2016