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Malta Station

47152 U.S. Highway 2
P.O. Box 36
Malta, MT 59538
Phone: (406) 654-2711/2944
Fax: (406) 654-1832

History and Area of Responsibility
The Malta station was established in mid 1925 with three officers assigned. In February 1926, two officers were stationed in Malta. A Border Patrol station was established at Opheim in 1925, and discontinued in the latter part of 1948 or the first part of 1949. There were also Border Patrol stations at Glasgow and Hinsdale for a number of years. The Malta station area at that time was much the same as it is now except that officers of the Opheim station worked the northeastern part of the present area.

Through the years the location of the Border Patrol office has changed numerous times. It has been located in the homes of the Patrol Agents, in local office buildings, and 1959 the Border Patrol moved to the Malta City Hall, where in remained until 1984 when it was moved to a one-room office in the district BLM office on the east side of Malta. In December of 1994 it moved to the Department of Agriculture building. It remained there until the present facility on U.S. Highway 2 was built, which was occupied in November 2005.

The Malta Border Patrol station area covers approximately 15,400 square miles of north central Montana, with 91 miles of the International Boundary. Malta, Montana is the ideal site for the Malta station area as it is located at the intersection of Highways 2, the main east/west artery, and State Highway 191, leading north to the Port of Entry at Morgan, Montana. With the enactment of The Free Trade Agreement between the United States, Canada and Mexico, the Port of Entry at Morgan is rapidly becoming a major commercial truck port. The route through Malta provides a direct route from Canada to Billings, MT, the largest Montana city, to Interstate 25, which exits the U.S. at El Paso, Texas, and enters Mexico at Ciudad Juarez.


Last Modified: Oct 13, 2016