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Havre Sector Montana

This office provides law enforcement support for the states of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

This site provides Sector related information, including Sector operations, Sector contact information, where our stations are located, and news.


On July 31, 1924, U.S. Border Patrol, Spokane District, established a sub-office at Havre, Montana, which eventually became the Havre Sector Headquarters in 1933.

In 1965, the City of Havre donated nearly five acres of land for the Sector Headquarters for a new headquarters building. With the oversight of the U.S. General Services Administration, the construction of the new Havre Sector Headquarters building was completed and occupied on January 17, 1966.

Havre Sector Headquarters accommodates offices for the command and administration staff, and a communications center, along with radio and computer technicians.

The primary mission of the Havre Sector Headquarters and the command staff is to plan, direct, and manage the U.S. Border Patrol Sector-wide program of enforcement of criminal laws and other provisions under the auspices of the Immigration and Nationality Act, along with directing and implementing programs related to the prevention of illegal entry of terrorists and terrorist's weapons of mass destruction into the United States.


The Havre Sector U.S. Border Patrol continues its efforts to control Montana's borders by maintaining and expanding a strong enforcement posture, including sufficient flexibility to address dynamic enforcement challenges, which is critical to bringing operational control to our Nation's borders.

Area of Responsibility

Havre Sector is characterized by 456 miles of international border, starting along the Montana-North Dakota border to the east and ending at the Continental Divide to the west. The sector consists of six stations (Plentywood, Scobey, Havre, Malta, St. Mary, and Sweetgrass). The stations are within 45 minutes or less drive to the border.

Service Area: The Havre Sector is responsible for 456 miles of border area between Montana and Canada, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah, as well as, part of Idaho.

Sector Headquarters Location: 2605 5th Avenue SE, Havre, Montana

Stations: The Havre Sector has stations in Havre, Plentywood, Scobey, Malta, Sweetgrass, and St. Mary.

Contact Information: Phone Number - (406) 262-5600; Sector Headquarters Mailing Address - 2605 5th Ave. SE, Havre, MT 59501

Employment Opportunities: To obtain information about employment opportunities with the Border Patrol, you may contact this Sector and ask to speak to a recruiter. You will find additional information about careers with the Border Patrol in the Careers section of this website.

Public Affairs Office: To receive information concerning community or media-related issues, contact the Havre Sector Public Affairs Office at (406) 262-5600.

Vehicle Seizure Office: Contact the Havre Sector at (406) 262-5600 for vehicle seizure or asset forfeiture inquiries.

The 21 stars on the front represent Headquarters and the 20 sectors of the U.S. Border Patrol. The Motto "Honor First" agency emblem appears in the center.

The motto of the State of Montana, "The Last Best Place", and the Bugling Elk, a species native to the area, representing the outdoors. The Bear Paw Mountains, south of the town of Havre, home of Sector HQ. The Compass roses in the ring signify that we are an intelligence-driven organization.

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Last Modified: Aug 21, 2023