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Comstock Station

27685 Highway 90 West
Comstock, Texas 78837
Phone: (432) 292-4600
Fax: (432) 292-4601

The Comstock station was founded in 1925 and was one of the original stations in the Del Rio Sector. In 1937, because of an increase in aircraft activity in the Langtry, Texas area, and to maintain better control of aircraft entering and leaving Mexico, a station was opened at Langtry. In 1954, the Langtry Station was closed and combined with the Comstock Station. Since impounded water above the Amistad Dam backs up almost to Langtry, a two-man duty post of the Comstock Station was established in 1970 to control illegal entries above the lake. In 1975 the Langtry Duty Post was closed and again combined with the Comstock Station. In 1961 the Comstock station, where it's currently located, was constructed and completed. The original size of the building was 897 square feet. In 1977 the station consisted of one Patrol Agent In Charge, GS-11, and five Patrol Agents.

Currently, the Comstock Station is responsible for ensuring and maintaining border security within a specified region of the international border separating the U.S. and Mexico. Border integrity is accomplished by constant vigilance of the immediate border and by detecting and apprehending subjects responsible for illegal incursions into the United States. The Comstock Station utilizes a variety of means and methods to deter, detect and interdict border penetrations, including marine patrol operations, ground patrol operations, traffic inspections, intelligence collection and the deployment of technology.

Area of Responsibility
The Comstock Station area of responsibility encompasses 2,400 square miles, including 82 miles of international border. The international border is defined by the vast expanse of Lake Amistad and the Rio Grande River. Amistad Reservoir is comprised of 65,000 surface acres.

Last Modified: Oct 13, 2016