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Eagle Pass South Station

4156 El Indio Highway
Eagle Pass, TX 78852
Phone: (830) 752-3300
Fax: (830) 757-4457


The Eagle Pass South Station design phase began in November of 2002.  Its original purpose was to replace the existing Eagle Pass Station located at 2285 Del Rio Boulevard and allow for future growth.  In the time from original design under the Immigration and Naturalization Service to the final completion date, the United States Border Patrol experienced many changes. Now falling under the Department of Homeland Security it was determined that the number of personnel needed to secure the nation’s borders would need to increase and the Eagle Pass area of operation would be the recipient of a proportionate level of these increases.  Additionally, operational area realignment at the sector level established a need to create two distinct areas of responsibility to better control the most active corridor within the Del Rio Sector.  As such, the concept of separating the Eagle Pass Area of Responsibility and creating a northern and southern station was developed with the Eagle Pass South Station to absorb the river zones historically covered by the Carrizo Springs Station.  Upon completion of the new 49,000 square foot facility located on 37 acres, the Eagle Pass South Station was established becoming fully operational on November 5, 2007.   

The development of two distinct areas of operation has allowed agents to gain a more intimate knowledge of the area in which they operate and allows them to be more effective in their duties. With the separation, both the Eagle Pass and Eagle Pass South Stations continue to work together along with bordering stations to maintain greater security gains along the nation’s southern border.

Air Boat and ATV patrols afford agents the flexibility to operate in areas normally inaccessible by conventional vehicles, while strong community-oriented programs work to instill a strong bond with the citizens they serve.  The Field Training Unit, housed at the South Station, prepares new agents by providing them full area knowledge of both areas of responsibility.  This provides agents the ability to operate with flexibility to address changes in traffic patterns across the southern corridor of the Del Rio Sector.  

Area of Responsibility

The Eagle Pass South Station’s area of responsibility is bounded by the Eagle Pass Station to the north and the Carrizo Springs Station to the east and south.  The area covers approximately 630 square miles and includes 20.95 miles of international border frontage.  Away from the populated city area the terrain is made up of mostly brush covered ranch land and rolling hills covered with native scrub brush. Along the Rio Grande the area includes grass-covered river vegas and steep cliffs. The station operates a permanent traffic checkpoint located on Hwy 57.

Mexico Highway 2, which leads from Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas to Piedras Negras, Coahuila, parallels the Rio Grande River to the south and affords would-be entrants and smuggling organizations ease of access to river crossings. This, along with the established infrastructure on both sides of the international border, will continue to make Eagle Pass South an active and challenging locale for daily operations.

Last Modified: Oct 13, 2016