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Brackettville Station

802 W. Spring St.
Brackettville, TX 78832
Phone: (830) 563-6000
Fax: (830) 563-6075

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 216
Brackettville, TX 78832

The Brackettville Station was established at the beginning of WWII and originally located in Spofford, Texas. The station was renamed and moved about 10 miles north to the town of Brackettville in 1952, following a water shortage in the town of Spofford. Through the years the Brackettville offices were housed in several smaller local buildings before the current facility was constructed in 1991 at the western edge of town. The station has seen a significant increase in staffing from its early start with only a handful of agents to its current level of more than 100 agents and support personnel.

The town of Brackettville serves as the Kinney County seat and is also home to Fort Clark Springs, a former U.S. Cavalry post that first opened in 1852. With the establishment of Fort Clark, a neighboring settlement of Las Moras came into existence when Oscar B. Brackett established a supply village for the Fort. The town's name was changed to Brackett in 1856, and later to Brackettville. The Fort was officially deactivated in early 1946 and used as a guest ranch. Today, Fort Clark Springs is a 2700 acre gated resort and leisure living community.

Area of Responsibility
The Brackettville Station area of responsibility is approximately 3,000 square miles of rough and brushy rangeland, which contains more than 250 privately owned ranches. The station is also responsible for over 16 miles of river border.

Last Modified: Jun 05, 2020