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Julio E. Baray

Julio E. Baray
Entered on Duty
End of Watch

Julio E. Baray

On Monday, September 24, 2007, CBP Air Interdiction Agent (AIA) Julio E. Baray died and AIA (Pilot Instructor) Daniel J. Houting was injured when their small plane, a Cessna 210, crashed 30 miles east of Albuquerque International Airport.

AIA Baray was taking pilot training from AIA Houting at the time, practicing take-offs and landings. Investigators are not sure what caused the plane to go down, but it went off the runway and caught fire.

AIA Baray began his career in 1998 with the U.S. Border Patrol (class 388). He was serving as an Air Interdiction Agent Trainee at the El Paso Air Branch at the time of the accident. AIA Baray was 39 years old and is survived by his wife and two children.

Last Modified: Mar 11, 2014