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Jefferson L. Barr

Entered on Duty
End of Watch

Image of Senior Patrol Agent Jefferson L. Barr At approximately 10:30 p.m. on January 19, 1996, Senior Patrol Agent Jefferson L. Barr and his partner, Border Patrol Agent Ned Thomas, responded to electronic sensor activity at a location on the Rio Grande River 2 1/2 miles downriver from the Eagle Pass port of entry. The two agents took up positions on a trail leading away from the sensor activations to await possible alien foot traffic.

When Agents Barr and Thomas challenged four individuals carrying bundles of suspected narcotics, the subjects dropped their loads and three of them attempted to flee toward the river. Agent Thomas grappled with one of the three as the fourth subject, simultaneously, responded with gunfire at Agent Barr. The suspect expended all eight rounds from a .22 caliber revolver, striking Agent Barr once in the left shoulder area. The path of the projectile that struck Agent Barr was such that the wound was fatal instantly. Agent Barr fired all six rounds from his .357 magnum Service revolver during the gunfight, striking the suspect once. The round struck the suspect's left wrist, shattering his wristwatch, and entered his abdominal cavity. The suspect was able to walk to the river and cross back into Mexico. He was found shortly thereafter, suffering from his wounds and was taken for medical treatment. He was subsequently taken into custody by Mexican authorities.

Last Modified: May 03, 2016