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Frank N. Clark

U.S. Border Patrol (Prior to CBP)
Entered on Duty
End of Watch

Image of Patrol Inspector Frank N. ClarkWhile patrolling in company with another officer near Cordova Island, El Paso, Texas, on the evening of December 13, 1924, Patrol Inspector Frank N. Clark was shot and killed by smugglers' spotters who were concealed at a strategic point on the American side of the international boundary line for the purpose of warning and protecting the smugglers should the presence of officers be detected. When the smugglers were challenged by the Patrol Inspectors, the spotters opened fire from ambush, and one of the shots hit Patrol Inspector Clark, causing immediate death. Other officers quickly took positions in concealment surrounding the scene of the action and remained there through the night. They found sacks, which contained illegal liquor, and took into custody a Mexican family that was found on the scene searching the premises in the early morning. One of these Mexicans, Eulalio Aguilar, was subsequently indicted on a charge of murder, convicted and given a 10-year sentence.

Last Modified: Mar 07, 2024