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Customs Broker License Exam (CBLE)


The next CBLE will be in Spring 2024. Please monitor this announcements action beginning 90 days before the fourth Wednesday of April for additional information concerning the examination date and the opening of registration. 

CBP has contracted with PDRI to administer the Spring 2024 exam. PDRI is utilizing PSI resources as part of administering the CBLE.

CBP highly recommends that CBLE candidates have paper copies of the references available during the exam. Please click on the Reference Materials tab below for additional information.

NOTICE: Given the evolving COVID-19 situation examinees are responsible for checking the COVID-19 page (…) regularly to find out if there is a vaccine and/or mask mandate at the registered testing site. It is The Examinee’s responsibility to stay up to date. CBP will Not provide refunds for those who are unable to test due to being uninformed or are noncompliant with the COVID-19 policy at their respective testing sites. CBP recommends that the examinee checks the website regularly leading up to the exam, including the night before the CBLE.

CBLE Information

The CBLE is an electronically administered exam that may be taken in-person at a testing facility. The CBLE may also be offered remotely during some exam administrations.

  1. Approx. 10 Weeks Before Exam

    Registration opens within the eCBP Portal

  2. Approx. 6 Weeks Before Exam

    Registration closes in the eCBP Portal

  3. Approx. 4 Weeks Before Exam

    Vendor sends invitation emails for candidate account creation

  4. Approx. 4 Weeks Before Exam

    Scheduling for both in-person and remote exam appointments begins in the vendor’s system

  5. Approx. 3 Weeks Before Exam

    Self-scheduling for exam appointments ends

  6. Approx. 3 Weeks Before Exam

    Vendor manually schedules any candidate who did not self-schedule

  7. Approx. 1 Week Before Exam

    Each exam candidate will receive an admission notice email from the vendor with his/her/their exam location

  8. Exam Day

    Take the exam at scheduled time via selected modality

Please add; and to your contacts to ensure CBLE communications go to your inbox and not junk or spam.

The purpose of the CBLE is to “determine the individual’s knowledge of Customs and related laws, regulations and procedures, bookkeeping, accounting, and all other appropriate matters, necessary to render valuable service to importers and exporters.” (19 CFR 111.13(a)).

  • The CBLE consists of 80 multiple-choice questions. A score of 75 percent is required to pass. The examination lasts 4.5 hours. Exam topics typically include: Entry; Classification; Trade Agreements; Valuation; Broker Compliance; Power of Attorney; Marking; Drawback; Bonds; Foreign Trade Zones/Bonded Warehouse; Warehouse Entries; Intellectual Property Rights; Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures; and other subjects pertinent to brokers’ duties.
  • Examinees should use the reference materials noted under the Reference Materials tabs. The use of any versions of the listed references other than those listed is at the examinee’s own risk. Examinees will not be provided with a test booklet. The exam is electronically delivered.
  • Examinees should note that there is a timer located at the top right of the page of the exam. At ten (10) minutes remaining in the exam, the timer will turn red. The timer can only be seen while the examinee is at the top of the page. Please be mindful of this.
  • Examinees will receive an email on how to download their answer record on exam day. The examinee's answer record will be necessary should an examinee appeal the CBLE results.
  • CBP will make all efforts to post the exam as soon as possible after exam delivery on the Past Customs Broker License Examinations Answer Keys webpage.
  • Exam result letters will be emailed to all examinees. Please ensure that is in your email contacts to avoid missing your exam results.

CBP invites the public to submit questions for possible use in future CBLEs. Visit the Guidelines for writing new questions for the CBLE webpage for formatting information. Please submit questions to


While electronic versions of the reference materials will be available and accessible through the electronic exam platform, CBP recommends that examinees bring and use their own paper reference materials as a backup. Use of any other versions of the reference materials than detailed below is at the examinee's own risk.

Typically, the list of Reference Materials are:

The reference materials will be provided electronically on exam day. Examinees may bring any PAPER reference materials into the testing room and CBP recommends that examinees bring and use their own paper reference materials as back up. Please also note the following items: 

  • Although examinees may use any written reference material, the use of any electronic device during the exam (e.g., laptop, iPad / Nook / Kindle, smart phone, personal digital assistant, smartwatch, digital timers, etc.) is strictly prohibited.
  • Examinees are allowed to bring one rolling crate (see exam day set up below) OR one suitcase into the exam room not to exceed 16"H X 18.5"W X 15"D.  All other storage containers will remain outside of the exam room.
  • Examinees may bring a shelf/rack into the exam room to hold the approved testing resources. The shelf/rack, in its expanded form, cannot exceed the width and depth of the crate (18.5” W x 15”D), to prevent racks from extending past individual testing space. The height of the shelf/rack is not limited, as it is merely elevating materials closer to eye-level. An example is pictured below.
  • Proctors will not be verifying individual pieces of paper during the check-in or examination process, as long as none of the reference materials or documents brought into the exam are electronic they will be acceptable for use during the exam.
  • Given that electronic items are not permitted, as described in bullet point one above, electronic timers are also not permitted.
  • Small, plastic sand timers are permitted to be used during the test. Please keep in mind also that there will be a timer as part of the exam software for your use during the exam.
  • For remote examinees, you are not required to follow the crate sizing guidelines, however you MUST distribute your materials in a way that you do not exit the view of the camera while searching through your reference materials.
  • No exceptions will be made.
A picture rolling crate for use at testing centers.
An illustration of an approved rolling crate for use at testing centers.

Please review the following information before you register to take the CBLE.

  • Registration, payment of the examination fee, and selection of an examination location is a multiple step process.
  • Candidates may choose to take the exam in-person at a vendor-provided examination location, or they may choose to take a remotely-proctored exam. Remote-proctored exam seats are limited and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. If a candidate does not see a remote option at the time of registration, it means that all remote-proctored seats are full.
  • Please be aware that, a candidate’s selection of a port affiliation during the exam registration process is not a selection of a seat at an examination location. Exam locations are not offered at every port of affiliation.
  • Approximately twelve (12) business days after the close of registration, all candidates will receive an email invitation from the exam vendor to create an account with the vendor.
  • Candidates who will be testing at an in-person location will be invited to self-select an exam location. Seats at each exam location are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Candidates who will be taking a remote-proctored exam will be invited to self-select an appointment based upon the time zone in which they reside.
  • Before choosing to register to take a remote-proctored exam, candidates must ensure that their computer and testing room meet the requirements as stated in the Remote System Requirements and Remote Testing Room Requirements below.
  • Candidates Will Not be able to switch between in-person and remote-proctored exam methods after registration ends. If you registered and want to switch to another exam method BEFORE REGISTRATION ENDS, email and the Broker Management Branch staff will attempt to accommodate your request. DO NOT withdraw from the exam to make changes to your registration. WITHDRAWAL IS FINAL.

ALL in-person exam candidates and remote proctored exam candidates must register for the exam through an online CBP broker examination registration portal at (replacing the Form 3124E, “Application for Customs Broker License Exam”), and submit a $390 required examination fee at that time.  For the CBLE registration dates please look under the “Announcements” section of this webpage.

  1.  To access eCBP (
  2. Exam applicants will complete registration and submit payment using eCBP.
  3. Individuals interested in the remote-proctored exam delivery method will opt-in  during the registration and payment process on the eCBP Portal. See the opt-in process for the remote proctored exam registration information below. Individuals who do not opt-in to the remote proctored exam delivery option will receive a site self-selection email for the In-Person CBLE within two weeks after the registration period closes.

Additional information can be found in the tabs below for Remote CBLE Information and In-Person CBLE Information.

As the examinee completes the exam registration on eCBP, please ensure that all information is keyed in correctly. The provided data are transferred to the admission notice and the email address is used to send information about the exam.  All identifying information provided must match BOTH forms of government-issued identification brought by the examinee to the testing center.

If you have registration issues, please check if your issue is addressed on the FAQ registration page in the top right-hand corner: If your issue is not addressed on the FAQs page you may reach out to Rev Mod, during their office hours which are listed on the link above.   

Examinees are strongly encouraged to complete the examination application process well before the registration closing deadline.

Examinees are responsible for monitoring the email address provided during registration, including SPAM/JUNK folders. 

CBP recommends using the latest version of Google Chrome as the browser when registering on eCBP.

There is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section on the eCBP portal Brokers home page which provides information if the user is unable to connect:

If assistance is needed with the eCBP website, please contact the Rev Mod Service Desk (RMSD) at: or call 1-800-366-8732 Ext. 4670 (please leave a message if the call is not answered directly). RMSD is open Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Eastern time.

If assistance is needed with the self-scheduling or exam scheduling processes, please contact the CBLE Support Desk at or call 877-449-8378 extension 3.

NOTICE: This is the current list of approved Identification and Proof of Citizenship requirements. Please pay special attention to the below documents.

Identification and Proof of Citizenship Requirements Chart

Customs Broker License Exam (CBLE)

All documents must be official documents from the United States (or U.S. Territory). Any documents presented MUST be unexpired, official, original, physical versions. 

Identification* Citizenship
U.S. Passport (Satisfies both requirements) U.S. Passport (Satisfies both requirements)
U.S. Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship (Satisfies both requirements) U.S. Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship (Satisfies both requirements)
U.S. State Issued Driver’s License or U.S. State Issued Identification Card U.S. Birth Certificate
U.S. Military Identification U.S. Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth
U.S. Federal, U.S. State, or U.S. City Government Employee Identification -
U.S. Territory Identification (Puerto Rico, Guam) -
*All identification documents MUST have a photograph -

A U.S. Passport or U.S. Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship can be used to satisfy both the ID and Proof of Citizenship requirement with one document. Unless the examinee provides either a U.S. Passport or U.S. Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship, they will need one document from each Identification and Proof of Citizenship category.

To satisfy ONLY the ID requirement an examinee MUST provide one of the following, in addition to their Proof of Citizenship document:

  • U.S. State Issued Driver’s License or U.S. State Issued Identification Card,
  • U.S. Military Identification,
  • U.S. Federal, U.S. State, or U.S. City Government Employee Identification, and
  • U.S. Territory Identification (Puerto Rico, Guam)

To satisfy ONLY the Citizenship requirement an examinee MUST provide one of the following, in addition to their ID requirement:

  • U.S. Birth Certificate, or
  • U.S. Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth

Expired IDs, including expired passports, are not acceptable. Even if the state in which the examinee is testing allows expired forms of identification, examinees will not be allowed to sit for the CBLE with only expired identification. There will be no exceptions or refunds provided if a candidate does not provide acceptable proof of citizenship and identity on examination day.

The examinee’s first and last names must match on both forms of identification. Please note that an original marriage certificate, original divorce certificate, or original certified court order can be provided to corroborate a name change between the two forms of ID presented. Admission to the exam requires that the examinee is the individual reflected on their photo ID provided. If an examinee’s gender identity does not match between the two forms of documentation the examinee will be allowed entry if the examinee name and image matches the registration information and the person checking in for the CBLE. No photocopies, scans, or facsimiles of any documentation will be accepted.

Remote Exam Notice: CBP recommends that passports are used by all examinees to avoid registration delays. This is not a requirement for the remote exam, but it is encouraged. This recommendation will assist the remote check-in process due to the need to have the room scanned during check-in.

An examinee requesting reasonable modifications based on disability needs for the exam must check “Yes” in response to the question, “Do you seek accommodations under the American Disabilities Act?” on the eCBP electronic application form (the equivalent of CBP Form 3124E, Application for Customs Broker License Exam) to indicate that he or she is seeking a reasonable modification under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended.

In the free form text box below the question, the examinee MUST enter the following information relating to their reasonable modification request:

  1. The limitations resulting from their disability;
  2. Barriers to their effective participation in the standard electronic version of the exam based on their limitations; and
  3. Their preferred or suggested reasonable modifications to remove the barriers to effectively participate in the exam.
  4. The zip code of their preferred exam location. Zip codes are listed under the In-Person Exam Locations tab.

CBP requests individuals submit exam applications requesting reasonable modifications as early as possible to ensure enough time for processing.  Requests that are submitted after the close of registration will not be considered.  

Prior to the exam, CBP may schedule an interactive dialogue meeting with the examinee to discuss the reasonable modifications request and gather additional information to make an informed decision on the request. 

In the absence of any unforeseen circumstances or holidays, the CBLE is hosted on the fourth Wednesday of April and October every year. The exam is 4.5 hours long. Check-in for testing begins at least 30 minutes before the official start time.

As noted in 19 CFR 111.13(b), to be eligible to take the broker examination, an individual must (on the date of the examination) be a U.S. citizen, must be 18 years of age or older, and must not be an officer or employee of the U.S. Government.

Any examinee who wishes to withdraw from the exam and receive a refund must sign in to the eCBP portal (eCBP Portal link), select Broker License and then select the ‘Withdraw from Exam’ option no later than 8:30 a.m. Eastern time two (2) working days prior to the examination date.  Refunds for examination withdrawals will generally be processed within 45 days after the exam date.

DO NOT use the withdrawal option to make a correction to the submitted application because the examinee WILL NOT be allowed to reapply for the same exam once they have withdrawn.  Corrections to exam registration information must be requested through email to

A sample exam will be updated as of 10 weeks prior to exam day, but a prior version is available here ( with prior functionality. The sample electronic CBLE may be accessed an unlimited number of times and may be useful in familiarizing the examinee with the electronic exam process. This sample electronic exam will not evaluate answers. Please keep in mind different browsers may result in a different view to the testing software but will not alter the functionality of the exam, except as to the search function and references.

PLEASE NOTE: The sample assessment will be launched on a different browser than the browser that will be used on the actual exam on exam day.  As a result, there will be differences in the Search capabilities between the different browser used in the sample exam and the browser used on exam day.

The secure browsers used on exam day allow for keywords to be searched and highlighted within the electronic references provided in the exam.  The search function will not be search and find and you will not be able to move from keyword instance to keyword instance, even if the browser from which you launch the Sample Assessment permits this activity.  You will have to scroll within the document to locate the next instance where a keyword appears.

Though the search function will highlight a key term in all the reference documents, when you close a reference document and open the next, you should also close the search dialog box even if you want to search the same keyword in the next reference document.  When the new electronic reference document is active, relaunch the search dialog box (CTRL + F).

Additionally, although you are able to highlight a word in a question and paste it into the search box in the sample exam, this functionality may not be available in the electronic exam on exam day.

To assist you in navigating within the electronic references, bookmarks have been provided within each reference document.  Please see guidance inside the sample exam on how to use the bookmarks in the reference documents.

Remote CBLE Information

The remote proctor exam option will be offered on a limited basis. Therefore, the exam will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to a limited number of individuals. Prior to registration, please review all information about the remote-proctor exam option.

  • While the remote-proctored CBLE allows examinees to take the exam in a private room instead of traveling to a testing center, the private room must meet the requirements described in the Remote Testing Room Requirements tab.
  • The remote-proctored CBLE examinee MUST verify that their testing system, including their computer, software, and audio are compatible using ALL systems checks prior to registration. See the Remote System Requirements tab below.
  • There is an exam day process that includes downloading software to the examinee's computer and verifying your identity. See the Exam Day tab below for additional information.
  • On exam day, if you encounter testing system errors and your system is causing the error, you may be unable to resume the examination. See the Remote Testing System errors tab for additional information.

When deciding to register for the remote exam, or stay in the remote proctored exam if you have already registered, please consider the following.

  • CBP and the exam vendor have been working diligently since the October 2022 CBLE to rectify the technological issues that were encountered by many of the remote examinees. While current testing of the system has shown that the updates are working, CBP cautions that there may still be technical issues on exam day.
  • If you are concerned about the possibility of the technological issues while you are taking the October 2023 CBLE, CBP encourages you to take the in-person exam.
  • Be sure that you meet all the system and room requirements detailed below. If at any time prior to the end of registration on September 12, 2023 you do not believe that your system or your room meet the remote-proctored exam requirements, please email to change your remote registration to an in-person registration. Alternatively, you may withdraw from the exam by following the withdrawal instructions on this website.
  • If you do not meet the requirements and attempt to test anyway but are unable to test, no refunds or free exams will be offered.
  • Candidates taking a remote-proctored exam who choose to test using a laptop computer may use a connected monitor only if they have a separate camera on the monitor that will remain active when they close the laptop computer. Dual monitors are not permitted during the exam.

Prior to choosing the remote-proctored exam option, examinees are responsible for verifying they meet the Remote CBLE Requirements. If examinees do not meet the Remote CBLE Requirements, they should choose the in-person testing option.

    1. Click here to access eCBP All registrants MUST complete registration and submit payment using eCBP to take the CBLE
    2. Payment of the required $390 license examination fee must be made online via the examination application, and may be made by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or Amazon Pay.
    3. Within approximately twelve (12) business days after the registration period closes, examinees will receive an email to self-schedule their remote-proctor exam appointment.
      • If an examinee does not self-schedule during the self-scheduling period, the examinee will be assigned an appointment time based upon the address zip code they provided AND seat availability in their time zones. Examinees may not receive their first choice of time zone.
    4. Examinees will be notified of exam time zone placement via an Admission Notice to the email address provided by the examinee during registration.
      • The Admission Notice is sent immediately after examinees complete the appointment time selection process.
      • Examinees must have their Admission Notice, government-issued photo identification, and proof of U.S. citizenship available for check in to the test.

Please note, once eCBP registration closes and the examinee has been accepted to the remote-proctored exam delivery method, CBP will NOT allow an examinee to switch the exam delivery method to in-person. Please follow all relevant registrations instructions to avoid registering for the wrong exam delivery method.

Examinees should NOT register for the exam unless they have checked their testing system to ensure it meets the system requirements.

Examinees must check their system for compatibility during different times of day, during high traffic internet usage and under similar conditions expected on exam day.  

An examinee SHOULD NOT register for the remote proctored option if any of the following conditions apply:

  1. The examinee has a company computer or any computer with a firewall, or an administrative password protected firewall. Company computers and firewalls are NOT compatible with the vendor's testing software.
  2. The examinee has a computer prone to malfunctions, or errors or does not have an operating system that meets the vendor's standards described in the Remote System Requirements tab above.
  3. The examinee does not meet the testing room requirements outlined in the Testing Room Requirements section of this webpage.

If the examinee’s system fails to meet the requirements, the examinee may choose to withdraw from the exam by following the withdrawal instructions on this website.

Examinees will NOT be reimbursed the exam fee or granted a free examination if they are unable to take the exam due to any of the above issues on exam day.

To take the remote proctored CBLE the examinee must have access to a testing room meeting the following requirements. If the examinee does not have access to a testing room that meets the following requirements the examinee SHOULD NOT take the remote CBLE. A full room scan will be required to start the remote proctored exam. The testing room shall:

  1. Be private, enclosed, and free of extraneous noise. Excess noise or talking (even by the examinee) will be flagged as a violation during the test.
  2. Contain a desk that is orderly, free of clutter, and has only what is required/allowed to take the exam. Paper reference materials are allowed, however, the examinee must remain in view of the camera even while reviewing the reference materials. Examinees leaving the camera view to review the reference materials will be flagged as a violation during the exam. 
  3. Have a computer that can pass the system check and is connected to a webcam that can be moved to scan the testing room.
  4. Have a viable internet connection. For best connectivity and reliability, a hardwired connection is recommended.

If the examinee is unable to take the CBLE on exam day due to not meeting the room requirements, they WILL NOT be reimbursed for the cost of the CBLE.

Examinees must login for the exam at 8:00 AM, to allow time for check-in. Examinees will not be permitted to take the exam if they login after 8:30 AM. No refund will be provided if an examinee first logs in after 8:30 AM. 

CBP recommends that remote examinees use a valid and current passport if they have one to speed up the check-in process. This will assist with check-in delays with the remote exam because of the need to conduct a room scan.

After launching the exam from the exam website in the Admission Ticket email, examinees will download a secure browser. Please ensure that popup blockers are not active in your system that will prevent the secure browser from downloading.  Once the secure browser downloads to your computer, you may need to locate the downloaded executable file to run. Please be sure that you are familiar with the process of downloading and running an executable file.

After the secure browser runs, the secure browser activates a secondary system check. If there are background programs running that are incompatible with the secure browser, the secure browser will show a "Terminate" button. The browser will show a list of the incompatible programs and attempt to close them.

Occasionally the secure browser is unable to terminate all incompatible applications. In this instance, the examinee will need to use the task manager to manually turn off the incompatible programs. Be sure to make a side note of the programs that the secure browser cannot terminate to find them in the task manager. If you are using an Apple Mac laptop, it is likely that you will need to manually close programs. Be sure that you are comfortable prior to exam day with terminating programs using the task manager.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are having difficulty and need technical support, you may use your smartphone to reach out to technical support with the exam vendor. The technical support telephone number will be provided in your Admission Ticket email from the exam vendor.

After you have successfully completed the entire secure browser download process, you will be asked to take a snapshot of your identification and yourself and do a video room scan. Once the entire check-in process is complete, including showing any secondary identification if needed, you will receive a message that you are waiting for a proctor. After you are acknowledged by the proctor, you will navigate through several required screens explaining the various features of the exam screen, including how to use the electronic references and the references search functionality. These pre-exam requirements do not detract from the four and one-half hours that you have to take the exam. The exam timer will not start running until you access the actual exam.

Your communication with the proctor during the exam is through the chat feature in the exam software. At the start of the exam, the chat window is open on the bottom right of your screen. There is an option to close the chat window while you are in the test. To reopen the chat window, see the white oval at the top middle of your screen.

Please be sure that your Internet connection is stable and strong. CBP strongly recommends that you are wired into your Internet modem or router. Please be sure to maintain power, if you are using a laptop, by leaving your laptop plugged in during the entire exam. If your laptop battery goes into low power mode, your secure browser may close. If your Internet strength is too low, the secure browser may close. In the event that the secure browser closes, you may be able to get back into the exam website. You will need to go back through running the secure browser and the check-in process. If you are able to rejoin the exam, you will be brought back to the exam at the point at which the secure browser closed. Please see below for additional information regarding exam day Remote Testing System Errors.

The remote proctored exam delivery option recognizes the potential for the examinee’s loss of internet connection. If the examinee’s internet connection is lost:

  • CBP will allow a maximum of 15 minutes of internet disconnection during the exam. The time is compounding, so if the examinee experiences multiple disconnections the time will be added together.  The 15 minutes allowed for internet disconnection will not be added to the allotted exam time of 4.5 hours.
  • The remote proctor will contact the examinee via phone and/or email notifying them that they have been disconnected from the test.
  • A phone may be used if there is an internet disconnection to call the vendor's CBLE Support Desk, or to access the email sent to the examinee during the disconnection. Phones must be located outside of the room during the CBLE unless needed for an internet disconnection.  The only approved usage for a phone during the CBLE is to communicate with the CBLE Support Desk for an internet disconnection.
  • The proctor and examinee will work together to reconnect to the internet and access the exam before the allotted internet disconnection time is met. If the examinee cannot reconnect and access the exam due to connectivity issues, the exam will be terminated.
  • Neither an exam refund nor free exam will be provided if the exam is terminated because an examinee loses Internet connectivity.

In-Person CBLE Information

The in-person CBLE allows examinees to take the exam at a testing center away from distraction.  Testing locations are selected by the examinee on a first-come, first-served basis. 

  1. Click here to access eCBP Registrants MUST complete registration and submit payment using eCBP to take the CBLE.
  2. Registrants will complete registration and submit payment using eCBP.
    • Payment of the required $390 license examination fee must be made online via the examination application, and may be made by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or Amazon Pay.
  3. After the registration period closes, examinees will receive a site selection instructional email from the vendor for their exam site selection at the vendor's website approximately twelve (12) business days after registration closes. 
    • If the examinee does not self-schedule, the examinee will be assigned to the in-person exam at a location based on the provided address zip code and site capacity. Examinees may not receive their first choice of location.
  4. Examinees will be notified of exam location placement via an Admission Notice email to the email address provided during registration.
    • The Admission Notice is sent immediately after examinees complete the site selection process.
    • Examinees must bring their admission notice, government-issued photo identification, and proof of U.S. citizenship for admission to the test site.

The Exam Locations chart below lists the city, state, zip code, and number of seats available to those taking the in-person exam. The seats will be available on a first-come, first-served basis, no other factors will be considered. If examinees do not register for their desired exam location before the deadline (the deadline will be provided in an email) examinees will be automatically scheduled by the exam vendor at the closest available exam location using the examinee's zip code.

October 25, 2023 In-Person CBLE locations

Exam Locations
October 25, 2023 CBLE

Zip Code

Number of Seats

Anchorage, AK



Fayetteville, AR



Phoenix, AZ



Los Angeles, CA



San Diego, CA



San Francisco, CA



Denver, CO



Washington, DC



Miami, FL



Tampa, FL



Atlanta, GA



Honolulu, HI



Chicago, IL



Indianapolis, IN



Wichita, KS



Louisville, KY



New Orleans, LA



Boston, MA



Detroit, MI



Minneapolis, MN



St. Louis, MO



Helena, MT



Charlotte, NC



Pembina, ND



Buffalo, NY



New York, NY



Plattsburgh, NY



Cleveland, OH



Columbus, OH



Portland, OR



Philadelphia, PA



Pittsburgh, PA



San Juan, PR



Charleston, SC



Memphis, TN



Arlington, TX



El Paso, TX



Harlingen, TX



Houston, TX



Laredo, TX



Salt Lake City, UT



Norfolk, VA



Seattle, WA



Milwaukee, WI



  • Review the Covid-19 mask and vaccination requirements on the Covid-19 page: The examinee alone is responsible for staying informed on the vaccine and mask requirements for the registered testing site. Refunds will NOT be provided if examinee is unable to test.
  • Important Notice:  For the health and safety of all parties, a face mask covering the nose and mouth (purchased or homemade) is mandatory at certain testing centers to be admitted and take the broker exam. Registrants who arrive without a required face mask to a testing center with a mask requirement will not be permitted to take the Customs Broker License Exam and will forfeit their registration fee.
  • Important Notice: Exam providers may choose to record exams that occur in their facility, these recordings are the property of the vendor and are not owned or controlled by CBP.
  • Except for 1) paper and writing utensils, 2) reference materials and the reference material carrier (backpack, briefcase, crate, or a piece of luggage as described above), 3) purse or wallet carrying examinees' identification, and 4) analog watches or plastic sand timers, personal items will not be allowed in the testing room. Prohibited personal items include outerwear such as coats, jackets, hoodies, hats, gloves, and winter scarves. This is in addition to the restrictions on electronic devices specified in the Reference Materials section above.
  • Once the test administrators have closed the doors to the examination room at 8:30 AM, registrants will NOT be permitted into the examination room and will not be allowed to sit for the examination. Please bring all the required documentation and allocate sufficient time for travel to the examination site, as NO exceptions will be made for traffic delays, late trains, or similar incidences.
Last Modified: Nov 27, 2023