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Customs Broker License Examination - Notification


Notice of Examination for October 24, 2018

Registration has two components:

1. Basic registration.
2. Site selection.


This notice announces that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will conduct an electronic version of the Customs Broker License Examination on Wednesday, October 24, 2018.  The examination will be given at various locations. Please monitor this website regularly for registration and exam information.  

The purpose of the examination, as authorized by 19 CFR 111.13(a), is to "determine the individual's knowledge of Customs and related laws, regulations and procedures, bookkeeping, accounting, and all other appropriate matters, necessary to render valuable service to importers and exporters."
      • CBP has provided a link on the broker home page at titled “Sample
        Customs Broker Electronic Exam” that may be accessed an unlimited number of times to
        acquaint the prospective examinee with the navigation and layout of the modernized format.
        The sample exam will not evaluate answers.  

Applicants for the Customs Broker License Examination must be U.S. citizens, age 18 or older, and not employed by the federal government at the time of the examination date of October 24, 2018.
      • The Customs Broker License Examination consists of 80 multiple-choice questions.
      • A score of 75 percent is required to pass.
      • The examination lasts 4.5 hours.
      • Exam topics typically include: Entry; Classification; Trade Agreements; Valuation; Broker Compliance; Power
        of Attorney; Marking; Drawback; Bonds; Foreign Trade Zones/Bonded Warehouse; Warehouse Entries;
        Intellectual Property Rights; Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures, Practical and other topics pertinent to broker's

Applicants should bring the materials referenced below and any other desired reference materials and scrap paper if needed to the examination. The use of any versions of the listed references other than those recommended is at the applicant's own risk.
      • Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (2018 Basic Edition)
      • Title 19, Code of Federal Regulations (2017, Revised as of April 1, 2017 Parts 1 to 199)
      • Instructions for Preparation of CBP Form 7501 (July 24, 2012)
      • Right to Make Entry Directive 3530-002A
      • Business Rules and Process Document (Trade – External) Ace Entry Summary (Version 9.0)  (May 2018)

We anticipate that registration for the October 2018 exam will open by August 20, 2018 and close by
September 24, 2018.
Site Selection – All* registrants are required to select their examination site.  All* registrants will receive an email on October 1 advising them to create an account for the exam site selection program.  Once registrants have created an account for the exam site selection program, registrants will be able to pick their exam site beginning at 1:00 PM EDT on October 2 through 5:00 PM EDT on October 5 on a first come, first served basis.  

CBP contracts for exam sites based upon historic registration plus 10%.  Site selection will be conducted on a first come, first served basis.  Sites fill up quickly. Individuals who fail to self-select or are locked out of filled local sites will be placed at the closest available site.  This may mean traveling over 100 miles to the next closest available examination site.

REMINDER:  Any residual credit from the October 2017 examination expires on the delivery of the October 24, 2018 exam.  If you have a credit, do not register, you are already registered by CBP.  Those with exam credits will receive an email from CBP before advising that they are auto registered.  If you do not receive that email by July 30, 2018, please email with EXAM CREDIT in the subject line. Those with residual credit will still need to create an account and self-select their testing site.

If any of your contact information with CBP requires updating, please email with “Credited Oct 2018 address” in the subject line.

Cell phones, laptops, pagers, smart watches and other communication devices may not be used inside the examination room.

Applicants caught cheating will be removed from the exam and be disqualified.

CBP invites the public to submit questions for possible use in future customs broker examinations.  See Guidelines for writing questions for the customs broker examination. Please submit your questions to  The SUBJECT line must read: Future Exam Questions.

All* registrants, those with residual credit and those who register on-line for the October 2018 exam

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July 16, 2018