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How To Appeal

Appeal Instructions

Who can appeal?

Anyone who takes a Customs Broker License Examination and does not achieve a passing score may appeal questions on that examination.

When must an Appeal be submitted?

Any appeal must be submitted within 60 days of the date of the letter notifying the applicant of his or her score.

What is the basis for an Appeal?

The applicant must submit a compelling argument why his or her answer is better than the official answer for a specific question, or why the appealed question has no possible correct answer.

What must be in the Appeal package?

  1. A cover letter stating the:
    • applicant's name
    • address
    • exam payment receipt number (e.g.: 3001-4-1212345)
    • port affiliation
    • exam date
    • location of the examination
    • and the specific question(s) being appealed.
  2. A copy of the letter from CBP providing the applicant's score.
  3. A copy of the applicant's answer sheet.
  4. Arguments, in the required format, for each question appealed.

What is the required format for the Appeal arguments?

  1. The applicant's name, examination date, and question appealed.
  2. Each appealed question must begin with the original exam question and its answer choices, followed by your appeal arguments.
  3. Each appealed question must be presented on a separate page or pages (i.e., different questions must not be argued on the same page.)

Appeal questions will not be considered if:

  • The argument is not compelling. 
  • Argues for an answer that the examinee did not select.

Where should the Appeal be sent?



U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Office of Trade

Trade Policy and Programs
1331 Pennsylvania Ave NW

9th Floor - Broker Management Branch
Washington, DC 20229-1142

When can an Appeal be automatically rejected?

An appeal package can be automatically rejected for procedural reasons, such as if it is incomplete, is untimely, or is in the incorrect format.

If CBP denies my second Appeal do I have any further recourse?

An applicant may appeal an adverse decision of the Executive Assistant Commissioner, Office of Trade, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, by filing an action in the Court of International Trade pursuant to 19 U.S.C. § 1641(e)(1) and 19 C.F.R § 111.17.



Last Modified: Mar 06, 2024