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Help CBP Protect Intellectual Property Rights

CBP can detain and seize imported goods which violate intellectual property rights in the United States. As an intellectual property right owner, you can partner with CBP to help protect your registered and recorded rights. There are several steps you can take which can help protect your intellectual property. 

Step 1: Read these publications which explain how to work with CBP to protect your intellectual property.

Step 2: Record your registered intellectual property with CBP.  A right holder can begin the recordation process on IPRR. Preview the Trademark application and the Copyright application. 

Step 3: Educate CBP personnel about your intellectual property by developing a Product ID Guide (Training Guide) and producing a Product ID Webinar

Step 4: Provide updated information to CBP so that CBP knows about changes to your products, intellectual property or contact information (IPRS). 

Step 5: Submit any information to CBP that you have regarding suspect shipments or parties through e-Allegations.

Last modified: 
July 19, 2019