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E-Commerce Frequently Asked Questions

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This page was created to answer questions to E-Commerce email inquiries to assist customers in having a better understanding of e-commerce processes and trade activities.

321 Data Pilot and Entry Type 86 Test

Is the 321 Data Pilot still testing with just the 9 participants or has it opened up to others?

CBP has not yet received approval from the Office of Management and Budget to expand the number of pilot participants. We are currently restricted by the Paperwork Reduction Act from adding additional participants. We will issue a notice in the Federal Register when the pilot opens to additional interested and qualified participants, and we encourage you to inquire again at that time.

What are the Section 321 Data Pilot and Entry Type 86 Tests and where can I find more information on them?

The 321 Data Pilot test will provide greater visibility into the de minimis universe for both CBP and the PGAs while making sure regulatory requirements are met.  Creation of the new informal entry type 86 allows for customs brokers and self-filers to submit entries electronically involving a limited data set which is exempt from taxes, duties and fees.

Section 321 Data Pilot and Entry Type 86 Test Crosswalk

Import Duties and Taxes

Will I have to pay taxes on online purchases that are less than $800?

If the purchase price is below the $800 de minimis threshold, it should be admitted free of duty and tax. 

I ordered an item online and paid Import Duty/Taxes. Since I did not keep the item and returned it, how do I get my taxes/charges reimbursed?

When ordering online, there is usually a Return Policy in place on the website for the product.  Please refer to the information on the company’s website of your product.  Unfortunately, CBP does not return taxes/charges.

Import Process and Requirements

I sell products on Amazon USA and want to bring some product on a trip to the U.S. Do I need to have any import license or other documentation before I fly?

You may bring your items in your luggage but must declare them and ensure their aggregate value does not exceed $800. 

I am new to the industry and will be primarily selling my products online with a warehouse. What are the appropriate steps to ensure I am importing correctly?

Please refer to the CBP Basic Import Export website at

If there is a house bill for a shipment with multiple HTS classifications, to clear via type 86, would you only need to file one type 86 entry, provided both items have the same house bill?

Yes, only one Entry Type 86 is needed if all items are on the same house bill, within the same shipment, regardless of multiple items having different HTS numbers. 

Partner Government Agency Requirements

I am interested in importing a dietary supplement product from overseas to sell in the U. S. What steps do I take to bring it into the U.S., and how much are the import taxes for a shipment with this type of product? My product is plant based.

Please refer to the FDA and USDA websites for specific guidance regarding your shipment.

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration – 
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture -

We are searching for information on how to properly conduct trade in the U.S. through our e-commerce platform. The product we sell is a hand sanitizer. Is there anything needed to ship this product other than a NDC Code?

Please refer to the FDA and USDA websites for specific guidance regarding your shipment.

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration – 
  • U.S. Department of Agriculture -

What licenses and permits are required to import products such as baby car seats, baby strollers, baby high chairs, etc.?

 Please refer to the CPSC website for specific guidance. 

  • Consumer Protection and Safety Commission -