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Acceptable Electronic Payment Methods

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) accepts Department of Treasury authorized payment methods, including credit cards, for the payment of non-commercial entry duties, taxes, fees, and other charges at designated CBP border/land locations. 

Visit CBP's and eCBP webpages to pay for a variety of duties, taxes, fees, and other charges. 

Please visit the Basic Importing and Exporting webpage for payment transaction guidance. 

  • Import duties, taxes, and fees if company or broker has a Payer Unit Number
  • Deferred Excise Tax Bills
  • Express Consignment Carrier Facility Fees
  • Carrier Fines/Penalties
  • FOIA Online
  • Trusted Traveler Program Application Fees
  • Quarterly Harbor Maintenance Fees
  • Quarterly Air Passenger User Fees
  • Quarterly Vessel Passenger User Fees
  • Monthly Railroad User Fees
  • Decal/Transponder Application Fees
  • eBill/Reimbursable Services

  • Import duties, taxes, and fees


Failure to make a payment or provide legal justification of non-payment may result in suspension of immediate release privileges in accordance with 19 CFR 142.26. If payment is not received by CBP on or before the late payment date appearing on the bill, interest charges will be assessed upon the delinquent principal amount of the bill in accordance with 19 CFR 24.3a.

Last Modified: Apr 11, 2024