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Jobs and Internships for Veterans

Whatever your military branch or occupation background, you can find a job or internship at CBP that builds upon your existing skillset. All military occupations are welcome to apply to our positions.


Veterans' Recruitment Appointment

Veterans' Recruitment Appointment (VRA) allows agencies to make non-competitive appointment of eligible veterans up to the GS-11 or equivalent grade level. Veterans are hired under excepted appointments to positions that are otherwise in the competitive service. After the individual satisfactorily completes 2 years of service, the veteran must be converted noncompetitively to a career or career-conditional appointment. To apply under the VRA process, go to the Apply Now webpage and click on the VRA announcement that corresponds to the position that you are interested in.

30 Percent or More Disabled Veteran

The 30 Percent or More Disabled Veteran authority enables CBP to appoint an eligible candidate to any position for which he or she is qualified, without competition. Unlike the VRA, there is no grade-level limitation. Initial appointments are time-limited, but must last more than 60 days; however, individuals can noncompetitively convert to a permanent status at any time during the time-limited appointment.


Department of Defense, SkillBridge Program

DoD SkillBridge program internships provide opportunities for transitioning service members, with and without anticipated service-connected disability conditions, to gain valuable civilian work experience through specific industry training, apprenticeships, or internships during the last 180 days of service (6 months) in any non-law enforcement GS series and grade. This program affords CBP hiring managers access and leverage to the world’s most highly trained and motivated workforce at no cost. Participants receive their military compensation and benefits, and industry partners provide the training and work experience while hosting interns from this program in a volunteer status with zero cost to the agency.

CBP hiring managers have access to interview and select SkillBridge internship candidates up to one year prior to them separating from the military. This affords CBP the ability to complete a full agency Background Investigation (BI) on prospective participants required of the GS series/grade for these internships. Full BIs are expected to be completed within six months, which leaves six months of internship participation available to interns from this program.

Current SkillBridge Opportunities

Department of Veterans Affairs, Non-Paid Work Experience Program

Veterans Affairs (VA) Non-Paid Work Experience (NPWE) internships provide eligible veterans and service members with at least 20% service-connected disabilities who independently apply for and participate in the VA’s Veterans Readiness and Employment (VR&E) program the opportunity to obtain concurrent training and practical job experience within CBP program offices. Selectees receive a small monthly stipend from the VA. The VR&E program provides 48 months of educational entitlement to participating veterans enabling most NPWE veterans to complete their bachelor’s or master’s degrees, which aids their transition into CBP and other federal agencies. 

NPWE participants work full-time schedules for 6 to 12 months after they have completed the Background Investigation (BI) process. They receive provisional clearances and full BIs, depending on the level of access required for these internships. Provisional clearances, which provide CBP email and basic Internet access, take three months or fewer to complete. A full BI is initiated once the provisional clearance has been granted and can take an additional three to four months to complete. If the internship requires a full BI, program offices must wait for its completion before the internship can begin.

CBP’s Veterans Internship Programs are only available to agency program offices planning on using them to hire transitioning service-members and veterans based on their successful performance in these internships.  Please email CBP’s national Veterans Employment Program Manager, Jeff Jack at, for more information on how to participate in these programs.

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