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Chula Vista Station

311 Athey Street
San Diego, California 92173
(619) 498-9700

The present Chula Vista Station was built in 1985. The area of operation stretches from the San Ysidro Port of Entry, east to the Otay Port of Entry. The former Chula Vista Station was referred to as Old 819. It is immediately west of the San Ysidro Port of Entry and was a substation of Chula Vista. Agents reported there when assigned to patrol the west side to the ocean. The area of operation at that time encompassed the area now assigned to all three line stations.

Our major responsibility is linewatch, including an ATV unit, Mountain Bike unit, and the Scope Unit. Other operations within the station are the investigative units known as WILDCAT and LYNX, a Border Security Task Force, a very active Community Relations program, a Detail Management Team, a Mexican Liaison unit, and Explorer Scout Post #1326.

For more information about the San Diego Border Patrol Sector, please check our General Information section.

Last modified: 
March 11, 2014