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Campo Station

Campo Station

32355 Old Highway 80

Pine Valley, California 91962

Phone: (619) 938-8700

Fax: (619) 478-9793

Recently constructed, the new Campo Station opened its doors in Pine Valley, California on June 20, 2008. The station is located about 28 miles east of San Diego Sector Headquarters, in rural East San Diego County.

The Campo Station is responsible for securing approximately 11.3 linear miles of the Southwest Border, patrolling 407.2 square miles of surrounding territory, and maintaining one traffic checkpoint. The station's responsibilities span from Campo, California east to Boulevard, California and north to Julian, California. The Interstate 8 checkpoint is located on Interstate 8 westbound near Pine Valley, California. An estimated 7,000 vehicles pass through these checkpoints daily.

The area of responsibility (AOR) of the Campo Station's is largely undeveloped and it encompasses some of the most dangerous, rugged, and isolated terrain in San Diego Sector. Much of the terrain is covered in dense vegetation and the topography ranges from high deserts to mountains, which exceed altitudes of 6,500 feet. Many areas within the Campo Station's AOR are only accessible through the use of four-wheel drive vehicles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), or extensive hiking.

Agents at the Campo Station perform numerous Border Patrol duties. Agents commonly use ATVs, off-road vehicles, and infrared night vision scopes to conduct enforcement operations on the border. Agents are also involved in anti-smuggling operations, intelligence gathering, prosecution of criminal aliens and criminal alien removal programs. The agents of the Campo Station are very active in community outreach through their Community Relations and Explorer programs.

Prior to the completion of the new Campo Station, the old Campo Station was a facility that was maintained on an intermittent basis from the 1930s until February 1956, when it was activated full-time. The old Campo Station is located at the entrance to a World War II-era military post known as Camp Lockett.

After the implementation of Operation Gatekeeper in 1994, and the subsequent enhancement of border infrastructure and personnel levels in western San Diego County, illegal entries, incursions, narcotic trafficking, and smuggling activity increased dramatically within the Campo Station's AOR. Through the addition of personnel, technology and resources, the agents of the Campo Station have continually gained operational control of the border.

Last Modified: Jan 22, 2020