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Jacksonville Station

489 Dundas Drive
Jacksonville, Florida 32218
Phone: (904) 714-0225
Fax: (904) 757-2589

The first Border Patrol Station in Florida was opened in Jacksonville in March of 1925 when Railroad Clerks reported for duty. The establishment of the Border Patrol in Florida was motivated by the large number of migrants smuggled from Cuba. Jacksonville was the main Immigration Office in Florida at that time and became the headquarters for the Border Patrol. John Scott, formerly an Immigration Inspector, was named the first Chief Patrol Inspector, although he was still officially the Officer in Charge of the Jacksonville Station. In 1926, after other stations and sectors were opened in Florida, a Superintendent for the three Florida Sectors was appointed for the state. Jacksonville has been the home of the former District Headquarters, Sector Headquarters, and since 1925 to present, a Border Patrol Station.

Area of Responsibility
The Jacksonville Border Patrol Station's operational area covers 13,269 square miles and includes eighteen counties in the northeast area of Florida and two coastal counties in southeast Georgia. There are ten north and south highways and three east and west highways passing through this area of operations. These are heavily traveled roads utilized by a majority of traffic from the north and eastern portion of the Unites States, to and from the State of Florida. Located along the Atlantic Seaboard (which establishes the eastern boundary of the station's area of operations) are six seaports of which the Port of Jacksonville is the largest. The Port of Jacksonville is located on the St. Johns River some twenty miles from the Atlantic Ocean. The Intercoastal Waterway also passes through the Jacksonville station's area of operations, close to the Atlantic Ocean, providing an additional transportation medium to the area.

Last Modified: Mar 20, 2017