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How to Make a Report

CBP provides detainees multiple ways to privately report sexual abuse and/or assault, retaliation for reporting sexual abuse and/or assault, or staff neglect or violations of responsibilities that may have contributed to such incidents.  Third parties not connected to a detainee can also report these allegations.  Reports are confidential and may be made anonymously, if desired, both verbally and in writing.  Reports can be made to a CBP official at the holding facility or by:

  • Calling the toll-free Joint Intake Center Hotline at 1-877-2INTAKE or sending a fax to (202) 344-3390;
  • Sending an e-mail message to;
  • Writing to the Joint Intake Center at P.O. Box 14475, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, D.C. 20044;
  • Calling the DHS Office of Inspector General (OIG) at 1-800-323-8603 or 1-844-889-4357 (TTY); or sending a fax to (202) 254-4297;
  • Accessing the online DHS OIG Complaint/Allegation Form; or
  • Writing to DHS OIG/MAIL STOP 0305, Attn: Office of Inspector General - Hotline, 245 Murry Lane SW, Washington, D.C., 20528-0305.
Last Modified: Feb 28, 2020