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How To Renew Your FAST Membership

FAST Driver is designed to venture to simplify border crossings for members, while enhancing security.

United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is advising FAST members that they may renew their FAST membership up to one year prior to their current membership expiration date. (The expiration date is printed on the FAST membership card just to the right of the photo.) Early renewal does not cause any loss of membership time! The renewal membership period will start on the day following the expiration of the previous membership, continue 5 years, and end on the member's subsequent birthday. To continue membership in the FAST program, members must:


  • Sign in to GOES [GOES has been replaced by].
  • Click on the "Renewal" button
  • Update data if necessary
  • Pay the fee
  • Satisfy the eligibility criteria
  • Be admissible in United States and Canada for Northern border transit
  • Pass risk assessment by CBP that includes an interview with a CBP officer and a fingerprint check. For Northern border transit, the Canadian Border Services Agency will also do a risk assessment and an interview of applicants.


New applicants should create a GOES account online before submitting an application. CBP will review the application and will respond to the applicant's on line account. Generally, the review is completed within 2-3 weeks. The usual message is an invitation to set up an appointment at an enrollment center convenient to the applicant and to bring items such as proof of identity, address, etc. Alternatively, in some cases, the applicant will be informed that their application was denied and the reason(s) why. Applicants denied membership can make an appointment at an enrollment center to discuss the denial. Please go to FAST Driver Program for additional information on the FAST program including step by step instructions for online.

Last Modified: Jul 22, 2019