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Model Ports Program

The Model Ports initiative is a collaborative effort among components within DHS, interagency government partners and key outside private and public stakeholders to end the negative perception and implement best practices for all aspects of the international arrivals process. Through the Model Ports initiative representatives from across CBP, DHS and our industry stakeholders have worked to develop and implement new and innovative solutions that address the need to facilitate passengers while still achieving CBP’s mission.

Some key accomplishments include:

  • implemented the Passenger Service Manager program,
  • improved wait-time monitoring and reporting,
  • improved diplomatic arrival processes and dedicated diplomatic processing lanes,
  • holding regular stakeholder meetings to discuss shared responsibilities, goal setting and progress monitoring,
  • implementation of audio and video technology in the queuing area of passport primary, and
  • developed new signage that is universally recognized and easily understood by all international travelers.

These accomplishments have improved the arrival process, passenger processing efficiency and showcased CBP’s world class professionalism throughout the world.

Last Modified: Dec 12, 2018