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COAC Subcommittees

Committee on Commercial Operations to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (COAC) | 16th Term Appointment

COAC Trade Co-Chairs: Brian White and Kathryn Wilkins

COAC Subcommittees and Leads

Secure Trade Lanes

COAC Leads:

Intelligent Enforcement

COAC Leads:

Next Generation Facilitation

COAC Leads:

Rapid Response

COAC Leads:

  • Angela Cook
  • Jose "JD" Gonzalez
  • Stephen Simmons
  • Erika Vidal-Faulkenberry
  • Heather Litman
  • Matthew Zehner
  • Barry Baxter
  • Tom Gould
  • Jody Swentik
  • Brian Barber
  • Julie Pojar


  • Last Modified: January 17, 2023