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Commodity Status Reports

Below are tabs for current and year-end commodity status reports as well as current and historic tariff preference levels fill list. These listings are designed to allow you to track quota as it is in the process of filling as well as giving the date and time of quotas already filled. 

Current Status Report

The weekly commodity status report is for imported agriculture, food products, textile products and other merchandise subject to Tariff Rate Quotas/Tariff Preference Levels.  The current report and 5 weeks preceding reports are listed for your review.

Commodity Status Reports (List of current reports)

Year End Reports

Calendar year-end "snapshot" status reports for imported merchandise subject to tariff rate quotas and tariff preference levels. Once the quota period for a commodity ends, information for the new period is captured when the report is run. Non-calendar year quota periods may already be in progress.

Historical TPL Fill List

This list of files contains spreadsheets with historical fill rates for completed quota periods. Tariff-rate quotas and tariff preference levels by year/quota period (and country where applicable) are included. Please note, while HQ Quota endeavors to provide current information, this data may not reflect additions or deletions made to particular restraint limits since the last update. Information on fill rates for current periods is available on the Quota Weekly Commodity Status Report.

Absolute Steel Quarter Reports

Below are the calendar year quarterly reports for Absolute Steel imports

2019 Q1 Absolute Steel Report

2019 Q2 Absolute Steel Report

2019 Q3 Absolute Steel Report

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October 3, 2019