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Commodity Status Report

The Commodity Graph Report is normally posted the first business day of every week. The current report and the 5 previous reports are on file for your review and reference.

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Attachment Ext. Size Date
Quota Status Report FEB 26 2024 PDF 1.91 MB 02/29/2024
Quota Status Report FEB 20 2024 PDF 1.95 MB 02/22/2024
Quota Status Report FEB 12 2024 PDF 2.10 MB 02/12/2024
Quota Status Report FEB 5 2024 PDF 1.96 MB 02/05/2024
Quota Status Report JAN 29 2024 PDF 1.96 MB 02/01/2024
Quota Status Report JAN 22 2024 PDF 1.96 MB 01/22/2024
Quota Status Report JAN 16 2024 PDF 1.95 MB 01/16/2024
Last Modified: Feb 29, 2024