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QB 20-315 2020 Raw Sugar Re-Allocations


Raw Cane Sugar as provided for in Chapter 17, Additional U.S. Note


October 1, 2019, through September 30, 2020

 REFERENCE:   QB 19-136 


USTR announced in the Federal Register Notice Volume 85, No.7377 dated February 7, 2020 a reallocation of 78,071,000 kg of the initial FY 2020 raw sugar TRQ from countries unable to fill their previous allocation.  These allocations are based on the countries’ shipment history to the United States.  The new restraint levels are as follows:

Argentina***49,287,000 KG
Australia***95,135,000 KG
Barbados***8,023,000 KG
Belize***12,609,000 KG
Bolivia***9,169,000 KG
Brazil***166,200,000 KG
Congo*0 KG
Costa Rica***17,193,000 KG
Cote d’Ivoire*0 KG
Dominican Republic***201,732,000 KG
Ecuador***12,609,000 KG
El Salvador***29,801,000 KG
Fiji***10,315,000 KG
Gabon*0 KG
Guatemala***55,018,000 KG
Guyana***13,754,000 KG
Haiti*0 KG
Honduras***11,462,000 KG
India***9,169,000 KG
Jamaica***12,609,000 KG
Madagascar*0 KG
Malawi***11,462,000 KG
Mauritius***13,754,000 KG
Mozambique***14,901,000 KG
Nicaragua***24,070,000 KG
Panama***33,240,000 KG
Papua New Guinea*0 KG
Paraguay**7,258,000 KG
Peru***46,995,000 KG
Philippines****142,160,000 KG
South Africa***26,363,000 KG
St. Kitts & Nevis*0 KG
Swaziland***18,3398,000 KG
Taiwan*0 KG
Thailand***16,047,000 KG
Trinidad-Tobago*0 KG
Uruguay*0 KG
Zimbabwe***13,754,000 KG

 Quantity removed

**Quantity unchanged
***Quantity increased

Quantity decreased

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February 20, 2020