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Regulatory Audit and Agency Advisory Services Regional Offices

Regulatory Audit and Agency Advisory Services (RAAAS) Headquarters and Field Offices throughout the United States execute key operational functions, conduct performance audits, and provide other professional services. Contact information is provided on the Office of Trade Contact Numbers table.

RAAAS Field Office Map

The Atlanta Field Office consists of five branches located in Atlanta, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; and Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Boston Field Office consists of three branches located in Boston, Massachusetts and Buffalo, New York.

The Chicago Field Office consists of five branches located in Chicago, Illinois, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

The Detroit Field Office consists of four branches located in Detroit, Michigan and Fort Mitchell, Kentucky.

The Houston Field Office consists of five branches in Texas (Houston, Dallas and El Paso).

The Long Beach Field Office consists of five branches located in Long Beach, California. 

The Miami Field Office consists of three branches in Miami, Florida.

The New York Field Office consists of five branches in New York (New York City and John F. Kennedy Airport in Queens).

The Philadelphia Field Office consists of six branches located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Newark, New Jersey.

The San Francisco Field Office consists of four branches located in Seattle, Washington and California (San Francisco and San Jose).

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  • Last Modified: January 13, 2022