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Forced Labor Resources

Forced labor image of men mining a river

CBP is a global leader in leveraging customs and border authorities to address forced labor in supply chains. The infographics and articles included on this page provide information and data on CBP's forced labor enforcement activities. Browse through these resources to learn more about CBP's role in investigating forced labor allegations, enforcing detention and seizures of goods produced using forced labor, and more.


CBP Combats Forced Labor

Learn about the history of forced labor laws in the United States, CBP’s unique role in combatting forced labor around the world, and what you can do to help end modern slavery.

Forced Labor Investigations and Allegations – How to Write a Forced Labor Allegation

Learn about CBP’s forced labor investigation process, how to write an effective petition, and browse a list of educational resources to expand your knowledge on forced labor.

Last Modified: May 01, 2024