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Application Procedures for Electronic Truck Manifest Via EDI

If you are interested in filing Electronic Truck Manifests using EDI, you must write a letter stating your intent.

The letter of intent should be written on company letterhead and should include:

  • The name, email address and telephone number of the company's principal management and technical contacts.

  • The Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) used by your company.

  • The ports of entry where your company's vehicles cross into the United States and the approximate number of crossings per month for each location.

  • A brief description of the company's data communications system (i.e. MPLS, MQ/VPN or communicating through a third party service provider.)

  • Indicate whether you will be programming using ANSI X.12 or UN/EDIFACT messages.

  • If the system is being developed or supported by a data processing company, include the data processing company's name, contact person, telephone number, and expected completion date of the programming/installation.

The letter of intent should be addressed to:
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Attn: Beauregard Client Reps
7681 Boston Blvd.
Springfield, VA 20598

You may fax the letter of intent to (571) 468-5538.

Once your letter of intent is received, a CBP Client Representative will be assigned to work with you and serve as your technical advisor during the development, testing, and implementation stages.

Interconnection Security Agreement
In accordance with implementation of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Information Systems Security Policy, participants that transmit electronic data directly to CBP's Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) may be required to have a signed Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA) on file with CBP.

For information to identify those participants that are required to file an ISA and for instructions on how to complete and forward the ISA to CBP, visit CBP Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA).

Last Modified: Mar 07, 2024