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    • Biometric Breakthrough | Frontline Magazine

      Topics Include: Biometric Breakthrough Working Together Moving Targets Construction Completed for Prototype Wall Designs Innovative Tech Helps AMO Combat Smugglers Around the Agency

    • Searching For The Best | Frontline Magazine

      Topics Include: Searching for the Best - CBP ramps up its hiring efforts Fighting the Ivory Trade Marine Life Around the Agency

    • Kerlikowske | Frontline Magazine

      Topics Include: Kerlikowske Law Enforcement on a Constitutional Scale Racing Ahead Investigating the Depths Oversight Program Evaluates Aircraft Maintenance

    • Homecoming | Frontline Magazine

      Topics include: Homecoming A New Way Forward Around the Agency Exploring Law Enforcement The Express Lane is Open for Business

    • The Power of Pollen | Frontline Magazine

      Topics Include: The Power of Pollen Game Over A Perilous Journey Try First, Buy Later

    • Manhunt in New York | Frontline Magazine

      Topics Include: Manhunt in New York Skills to Survive Steadfast Partnership Solar Eclipse

    • Cleared for Landing | Frontline Magazine

      Topics include: Cleared for Landing CBP's Eyes in the Sky Further Reflection CBP Makes Its Mark

    • What Lies Beneath | Frontline Magazine

      Topics Include: What Lies Beneath Fighting Film Thieves Wood Packaging Pests