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COAC December 2020 Attachments

Attachment Ext. Size Date
Forced Labor WG External IP PDF 97.02 KB 12/08/2020
Bond WG External IP PDF 107.84 KB 12/08/2020
ADCVD WG External IP PDF 119.26 KB 12/08/2020
IPR WG External IP PDF 76.21 KB 12/08/2020
Intelligent Enforcement Subcommittee Executive Summary PDF 67.13 KB 12/08/2020
Emerging Technology WG External IP PDF 224.11 KB 12/08/2020
Unified Entry Processing WG External IP PDF 235.10 KB 12/08/2020
1USG WG External IP PDF 225.29 KB 12/08/2020
Next Generation Facilitation Subcommittee Executive Summary PDF 26.71 KB 12/08/2020
Rapid Response Subcommittee Executive Summary PDF 30.11 KB 12/08/2020
Export Mod WG External IP PDF 472.92 KB 12/08/2020
Inbond WG External IP PDF 202.60 KB 12/08/2020
Remote and Autonomous Processing WG External IP PDF 645.85 KB 12/08/2020
Trusted Trader WG External IP PDF 178.85 KB 12/08/2020
Secure Trade Lanes Subcommittee Executive Summary PDF 624.38 KB 12/08/2020
Inbond WG Recommendation PDF 137.25 KB 12/08/2020
Inbond WG Technical White Paper Extract PDF 308.38 KB 12/09/2020
Inbond WG White Paper PDF 402.30 KB 12/09/2020
Trusted Trader WG Recommendations PDF 164.47 KB 12/14/2020
COAC December Meeting Agenda PDF 163.37 KB 12/15/2020
Last Modified: Dec 15, 2020